1. @Kim

    Final Project


    Here are some infographics explaining the accuracies and inaccuracies about the way that the film Born on the Fourth of July shows the experience of Vietnam era America.

  2. @Kim

    As A Source


    Primary Source:
    As a primary source for the 90s, Saving Private Ryan works very well. The movie was made and released at a time when the World War II was being discussed and remembered after the 50th anniversary of D-Day a few years earlier reminded people that not many WWII …

  3. @Kim

    Compared to History


    The true historical accuracy of the film lies not in the greater story, but in the details, given that the film was loosely based on a real incident and never claimed to tell a true story. When it comes to the story, the movie is based on the story of …

  4. @Kim

    The Film


    The film Saving Private Ryan was released in 1998 from director Steven Spielberg and starred a large handful of big names in Hollywood including, Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, and Tom Sizemore. The movie is based on a true story from WWII about four brothers who joined the armed …

  5. @Kim



    Arkin, Daniel. “Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks on the Legacy of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ The Oscar-winning director and star look back on the seminal, kinetic World War II drama.” NBC News, May 31, 2019.

    Auster, Albert. “Saving Private Ryan and American Triumphalism.” Journal of Popular Film & Television 30, 2 …

  6. @Kim

    My Future in History


    As this semester comes closer and closer to ending I have to start thinking about what in History interests me the most looking ahead. Thinking about my past assignments and what I enjoy I honestly cannot say that there is not a singular thing that I like more than others, …

  7. @Kim



    So one of my assignments is to create a timeline for this website. Another is to write a literature review on my topic of Holocaust Denial. So here we go.

  8. @Kim

    My Favorite Methodology


    So the prompt is to pick my favorite methodology or historiographical school and talk about it and how it fits in history and so on. I honestly don’t know how to answer that question though, I like the study of history on its own and I don’t have a favorite …

  9. @Kim

    The Utility of Digital Tools


    So the topic this time around is to discuss how digital tools are beneficial to the professional world, naturally being a history class of history majors the focus being more on the historical profession than anything else. I had to look up the definition for digital tools to make sure …

  10. @Kim

    How Much Power Shapes an Archive?


    In order to build an archive you have to have some kind of power, this is not saying you have to be a politician or a monarch in order to decide all of what is remembered in history, an archive can be considered whatever is saved in order to make …

  11. @Kim

    The History of Why I like History


    When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist, it was something that had always seemed fun and exciting to me. I had always been interested in History, however, I was one of those strange kids that liked history and science rather than history …

  12. @Kim

    The Story of Mickey


    For my final project I decided to tell the story of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse using the new knowledge I learned about digital storytelling, some online resources, and my own knowledge of the Mouse himself. I will be telling my story through a combined use of written word, photography, video …

  13. @Kim

    Videos, Videos, and More Videos


    So this week has been rough….

    I started with a normal week, trying to get all the assignments done and going to work like normal. The first half of the week was relatively easy, the second half was not so much. I had trouble finding a good video making software …

  14. @Kim

    Mickey’s Kingdom to Music


    My last visual assignment was the three and a half star “It’s Vacation Time” assignment, which was honestly my favorite. As much as I said I liked the dog assignment this one tops it.

    The montage in this video was supposed to be made up of pictures of my favorite …

  15. @Kim

    Appreciate those Pups


    I really do love dogs, they are always so happy and sweet and most of them are gentle as well, not to mention all the love that they hold for just you and your family. Because of that, my next video assignment is all about dogs.


    My next assignment, …

  16. @Kim

    Do YOU Know the Muffin Man??


    The first of my video assignments this week is my assignment that relates to the nursery rhyme from the question of the week. I chose the song  “do you know the muffin man” I thought that would be a good one to be able to change the mood of.


  17. @Kim

    Beauty and More Beauty


    This half of the week required two daily creates, coincidentally, both required an aura of beauty.

    The first one was about trees, we were supposed to find a tree and talk about it. By the time I was able to sit down and work on my assignment it was a …

  18. @Kim

    First We Read, Now We Watch


    Part two of this half of the week was to watch some videos about some stuff about working on movies, things such as camera angles and editing techniques.

    I chose four of the videos to watch, the first was “Examples of Editing Techniques”.

    I found this one really interesting because …

  19. @Kim

    Week Three in a Nutshell


    This week was extremely hard, I felt that there was a lot to do in a short amount of time, especially this second half of the week, my full time job also started this week so I had to learn how to budget my time a little better. Lucky for …

  20. @Kim

    Telling Napoleons Story through Audio


    So the final assignment I tackled this week was the assignment to create an audio story of our alternate history assignment from last week. When I was working on this and finding my sound effects I decided to just tell the story through sound effects because when I tried recording …

  21. @Kim

    Noises for two please


    To help myself along in making the twelve stars of progress , I chose to do the Collection of favorite sounds.

    I started off with fresounds.com and started to search for and find some noises that I found pleasurable to the ear. I narrowed it down to five different noises.…

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