1. @Kim_Sealock

    Audio Storytelling


    My very first thought about audio storytelling was kinda odd, and something that I hadn’t really thought about before then I started thinking that audio storytelling is actually the oldest form of story telling. Though now with all the technological advances we have it’s a bit more interesting than a …

  2. @Kim_Sealock

    Week 3 Summary


    Well another hectic week for me. Though I was relived to have these assignments as my DS106 work this week. It was a chance for me to relax and breathe for a minute doing something that I like to do with taking photos.

    For my Daily Create I only got …

  3. @Kim_Sealock



    I was able to do two of the photo blitzes though I forgot to write down the code of the ones that I did. I was able to do 13 of them with in 20 minutes because I wrote the two different sets down on a piece of paper. I …

  4. @Kim_Sealock

    Week 2 Summary


    Well this week was a little hectic for me trying to juggle so many things at once I haven’t felt like I had a moment to myself all week. That aside the work for the class this week was every intriguing. I have learned that I need to work on …

  5. @Kim_Sealock

    Letter to Mom


    Dear Mom,

    Though you are really my Grandmother I love you like you would be my real Mom you raised me and did everything in your power to make me happy and teach me how to be a proper young lady. You had raised my Dad and my Uncle and …

  6. @Kim_Sealock

    Internet 46


    I thought the article “A Logic Named Joe: The 1946 sci-fi short that nailed modern tech” was interesting in the way that it kinda showed the internet as being seen dystonian in the thought that most machine short stories are seen that way. Though I thank that this article is …

  7. @Kim_Sealock

    Web 2.0


    I feel that the digital story telling is traditional story telling in a new way. I also think that it can be more of a way of promoting stories that could go on to be something bigger. I also think that the digital aspect seemingly lends itself more to the …

  8. @Kim_Sealock

    Weekly Summary


    This week has been a stressful one. I started out with some computer complications. So once the week progressed and I finally got my computer fixed and trying to get everything done and it took me a while to figure out how to do somethings. But once I got started …

  9. @Kim_Sealock

    Show Your Work


    I really like Kelon’s message in Show Your Work. It made me think that since I really want to try and try to get all my creative work and ideas out there. I hadn’t actually tried to get any of my work out there before because I was scared but …

  10. @Kim_Sealock

    Here I am


    Hello all.

    Here we all are on the same journey though the class of ds106. So we all have Twitter, YouTube/Vimeo, Sound Cloud and Flikr accounts as well blogs where we can share our journeys though this class with each other.

    A little about me is that I’m usually really …

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