1. Kathleen Johnson

    I Love DS106



    I completed this assignment in audacity and uploaded to soundcloud when I noticed that we were supposed to send it do YouTube. Here is my soundcloud.

  2. Kathleen Johnson

    Vitriolic Letter Home


    Dear parents,

    I know that you think you were punishing me by sending me away to Camp Macguffin. Not! Your plan has failed. I am having a blast and I have met many new people who — guess what — think just like me. I am discovering that being creative …

  3. Kathleen Johnson

    High School Memories (1968)


    The summer of love.

    I think I’m in the running for being the elder in DS106 which may also make me the original hippy. OH instead of OG. Oh, and the best part is, my high school girlfriends and I still relive the memories each summer at some exotic place …

  4. Kathleen Johnson

    Deny Everything


    Thank you TA Smith for this animated gif tutorial.  It finally got me to my goal of creating an animated gif – the right way. I wasn’t able to master it in the Oblivion class. Now I’m ready to try it in photoshop. I realized that the video clip …

  5. Kathleen Johnson

    Journey to the Center of the Universe


    DS106 launches its Fall Extravaganza with Professor Oliver Lingen-somebody (?) at the helm.  I can’t wait to dive in again. I never mastered animated gifs in the summer course so I would like to give that another go around. Meanwhile in honor of DS106 Fall 2011 launch I have created …

  6. Kathleen Johnson

    Summer of Oblivion Video Assignment


    This video took a very long time to make but fortunately I enjoyed most every minute of making it. I was intrigued by the powerpoint animation example shown today (oopps, now yesterday – is it really that late? ) by Andy. So I decided to try something like that. I …

  7. Kathleen Johnson

    Nyame, the Sky-God is the Keeper of All Stories


    … not Dr. Oblivion, not Jim Groom, not even the students of DS106 or DS107.  Accept your station in life!

    See StellaMeme’s blog post describing our production process.

    Voice of the Sky-God Nyame:  Kelwin Taitte

    Samples used from Freesound

    July 11, 2011

    By Heigh-hoo (http://www.freesound.org/usersViewSingle.php?id=21830)

    windchime down.aif (http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=9110)

    By morgantj …

  8. Kathleen Johnson

    Collaboration improves w/better tools


    Radio Project: The Sky God, Keeper of All Stories

    Our team of four (ArabaByk, Maameboaduwa, Simkathy, StellaMeme) started out using a Google Doc and Skype. Within a day we  migrated the doc to TypeWithMe, which color codes participants input and provides a persistant chat log. You don’t even have to …

  9. Kathleen Johnson

    Looking for the Next Ira Glass


    I am looking for a partner(s) to create a This-American-Life type radio story. Are you game?

    My Qualifications:

    I feel somewhat comfortable in audacity I have several true tales of adventure to share. See teasers below. Can find cc music and sound effects as good as the best of ‘em…
  10. Kathleen Johnson

    Oh Boy! DS106 redux


    Me: Psst. Psssssst! Hey guys… let me in!
    DS106: What’s the password?
    Me: we jam econo
    DS106: ok then. But wait a minute, we’re performing an abortion on some fonts right now.

    Me: What the f___ does that mean?
    DS106: We don’t know. But we’ll let you know when we’re …

  11. Kathleen Johnson

    DS106 & PLEK12


    Now that I have joined two moocs at the same time, it can truly be concluded that I am clinically insane.  Nevertheless I was drawn to the DS106 precisely because of the requirement to secure and set up a domain. It was promised that the community could provide help if …

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