1. klamb912

    too many cats for my liking


    animals, a set on Flickr.

    This is my animals set! I’ll be posting any of my pictures from this course that I can manage to get animals into (hopefully more dogs though!) in it.

    I made the set the other day and tried Googling how to post the set …

  2. klamb912

    aiming to break my record


    Goal for tonight: submit this before 11:59 PM.

    This week got pretty interesting – I have next to no experience with audio editing software and experimenting with Audacity was a whole lot of fun.  The downside is that I spent so much time learning how to use it and trying …

  3. klamb912

    cars aren’t the only ones who get to have them…


    The radio bumper assignment was my favorite for this week. I actually used iLivid during the process, taking a clip from the video for a song off of YouTube to use in the background of my bumper.  The sites with free sound files were super helpful for this and I …

  4. klamb912

    Kristen got: Significant Personal Improvement! Yeah!


    This week was way better than last week. WAY better.  I mean, yeah, it’s 11:25 and I’m just now doing my weekly summary, but that’s better than the midnight last week, and I spaced out most of my assignments this week as well.

    According to all ya’ll (I’m from the …

  5. klamb912

    every speed on our knees is crawling


    Kurt Vonnegut’s presentation of his Good/Ill, Beginning/End chart was reminiscent of the intro — increasing tension — climax — decreasing tension — conclusion charts from my ninth grade English class. It does seem like a simple way of demonstrating the shapes of stories though, so I’d like to try out …

  6. klamb912

    stories told by a robot, I presume…


    I would preface this by admitting that I have taken digital storytelling before, but considering that when I took it the first time, we read out of a textbook and the only online component involved quizzes posted to blackboard, I think I can safely say that it didn’t count.

    So …

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