1. kminnick

    Callie’s Trip to Nashville for the CMA Fest


    Callie and her family decided that for her 21st birthday, everyone would contribute to a trip for her to go to the CMA Fest in Downtown Nashville Tennessee. Being a small town girl, she loved country music and always dreamed of going to a CMA Fest and it just so …

  2. kminnick

    Daily Creates


    Here are my 6 daily creates, I almost forgot to post them and link them to the summary because it wasn’t on the list. Talk about a blonde moment!

    Tinker bell and the Pirate Fairy

    Animal Architecture

    Do NOT touch

    DS106, Saving trees

    Day in Icons

    I also completed the …

  3. kminnick

    Popcorn Vacation Experience


    This was really hard for me to get, but I tried my best and finished it. Here is the final remix.

    Finding the videos, sound, pictures, and maps to put in the video was fun and not too difficult, it was the editing and actually adding the things that …

  4. kminnick

    New Assignments


    I created a Mashup Assignment, Making a Song, in which people will have to combine different lyrics from at least 5 songs in order to create a new song of their own being at least 2 minutes long. I got this idea when I was doing my music mashup

  5. kminnick

    Guess this 10 second song


    Third assignment I chose was 10 second song mashup. I obviously chose it because of my love for music! This was tricky because I used 5 songs but only 2-3 second clips of each.I don’t want to tell you too much from the process because it might give away …

  6. kminnick

    My Tutorial


    I decided to do a tutorial for an assignment I created earlier in the semester called Safe Havens. (sorry there is no picture for it, I was positive I added one!) To me a safe haven is anywhere you feel comfortable and at peace, for me it is with …

  7. kminnick

    Music Mashing


    Second assignment choice, Music Mash!

    If you pay attention to my blog, you can tell my life revolves around music so why not chose a music mashup assignment! I am very proud of this assignment, because I managed to cohesively mash parts of 4 songs together and make my …

  8. kminnick



    My last mashup assignment was called Twittr, it is basically mashing up two of your favorite websites and making a new one. I mashed up Facebook and Instagram to make Instabook the site where you can instantly share pictures, updates, locations, memories, facts about you, and it puts it …

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