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    The remix generator took the “Storytelling collage”  and the “Happy Days” assignments and mashed them up for me. So I did a Happy Days collage that includes pictures of the cast and the title.I got lucky because this remix is fairly easy, seeing as how individually the assignments were fairly …

  2. kminnick

    Weeks 11 & 12 All Video all the Time


    This week I learned a lot about video making. The main thing behind most videos is emotion, at least thats what all my assignents were based on this week. I learned about the program IMovie on my mac and got to know how to use it as well as learning …

  3. kminnick

    This is who I Am


    Here’s another amazing video assignment! One that lets you show all about you and who you are. I chose this one because people tend to judge a book by its cover, meaning people are very judgmental.  I have always been and will be a country girl, many people take …

  4. kminnick

    My Town (Memories)


    This is the best video assignment idea ever! Memories are forever and they make you stop and think, which is exactly what I want my video to do. My high school life was all fun and great with the awesome football games, the best football team, the best of friends, …

  5. kminnick

    Looks Like It’s Vacation Time!


    First off, while completing this project, I think I figured out how to merge audio together so they play at the same time and that is so helpful while thinking about how to do the conversation with myself!!

    This was so much fun but a ton of work! The only …

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    DIY (How To)


    My second video assignment! I chose to do the how to tutorial. I have been making dog toys since I was in middle school, and my dogs as well as everyone I give them to enjoys them so I figured why not use this for my assignment.  It is really …

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    It’s Show TIme (summary)


    Here’s to week 10!

    I was unable to find the radio shows in the archives and I couldn’t watch them live, so I am not sure how to do a post on them since I can’t find them, but I am working on it!

    As far as video editing, I …

  8. kminnick

    Youtube Genre “Making Science Cool”



    I had to do add an example to this category! The other morning I didn’t have class and I was sitting at home with my mom and we were watching Rachael Ray, they had a science guy there and the science tricks he did for Halloween were AWESOME!! You …

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