1. kminnick

    Dream VaCay -3 stars


    I just had to do this assignment when I saw it! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, mostly because I am mostly Irish as far as my heritage. Also I know the landscape all over is amazing and even though it rains a lot during certain times …

  2. kminnick

    The last Two weeks FLEW by!


    The last two weeks have been cray for me on a personal note as well as school. Lets see, my mom had knee surgery the Tuesday before last so I have been taking care of here and running here to and from the store and doctors appointments. I have been …

  3. kminnick



    Here is my Chaplin Foley challenge. I used only my voice (which I don’t have much of one since i’m sick) to make sounds I thought suited my section from 2:01-2:30.This wasn’t that challenging because I took the easy way out and watched the video on one side of my …

  4. kminnick

    6 Daily Creates?! WOAH


    Mini Window Silhouette October 19, 2104  (Now you can say you’ve seen a penguin watch a wakeboarder fall out of an airplane that was being chased by an alien!)

    Copy & Paste October 18th (Flat Stanley teleported himself so fast from working to Lake Anna that all he left was …

  5. kminnick

    Haunted Remix


    I chose this 4 star assignment to do because it is the Halloween time of year so it felt right to do something inspired by Halloween. In the mix of helping my friends move into their new apartment, we had a whole bunch of people and we were playing scary …

  6. kminnick

    Group Project


    Our group, United Tales, decided to do a interview show about spring. We are each going to interview and report back from them to create the show as well as each create bumpers and commercials then decide on the 2 of each to use during our show. As far as …

  7. kminnick

    My group responsibilities


    I’m going to say my contributions are going to be: 
    1. Writing up the initial post about theme and format and logo
    2. Writing up a list of questions that we can pick from to use as interview questions for the show
    3. Record my 5 minutes and send it …

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