1. kminnick

    What a Week 6


    Who doesn’t like a Safari? Especially when your goal is to take pictures! The approach I took to this design safari was looking at all the examples and thinking in the back of my head where I have seen these in my everyday life. I thought I would take …

  2. kminnick

    Lets go on a Safari


    The design techniques I chose to hunt down and capture were: Typography, Color, Symbols, and Minimalism.

    Typography is basically using different fonts to appeal and get certain messages across. While at the stat fair of VA with my mom I was walking around thinking about examples of …

  3. kminnick

    What Song?


    I picked this design assignment because I love music. I picked one of my favorite songs that is by a female country singer (hint). Even though I don’t think I am that good at drawing, I tried my best and since it is one object that describes the song, I …

  4. kminnick

    Geek Tattoo


    I knew I had to do this design assignment when I saw that it was about creating a tattoo. I love tattoos and I have one of my own so far. What made this even better is when I saw we had to tie in what we’ve learned about design …

  5. kminnick

    Rainbow Fish!


    My favorite childhood book wasn’t the average one. I fell in love with the Rainbow Fish series. My mom and dad would read them to me until I learned how to read and then they had to sit through me reading it to them! I had drawn a picture of …

  6. kminnick

    ______ On Board!


    Mostly everyone has seen the classic Baby on Board car bumper/windshield sticker. Here is an example: 

    As soon as I saw the description: Design a Bumper Sticker, I wasn’t sure of what to do. Randomly in my head came an image of the baby on board sign that I …

  7. kminnick

    A Whole New World


    This assignment I choose because it hits a little close to home, not the assignment itself but the place I chose to represent that I have never gone before. If you can’t tell by the picture I chose Thailand. Even though it was way before I was born, my father …

  8. kminnick

    We Want You!


    When I think of WWII propaganda, I immediately think of the Uncle Sam’s “I want you” for recruiting soldiers. So of course when I saw this in the redesigning posters post on week 6, I thought of that right away and had it planned out what I wanted to …

  9. kminnick

    Guess the Movie?!


    Reducing a movie into 4 icons is fun! I had a movie in mind as soon as I saw the assignment on the week 6 blog, so I knew I had to do it! I used my picsart app again to copy and paste the icons in somewhat of an …

  10. kminnick

    Week 5 Photography :)


    First off here is my page of daily creates! This week I did numbers: 988, 989, 991, 991.

    My Photoblitz activity was one of the most amazing assignments this week because it gave me a challenge and I love challenges! I tried to do them all so I would have …

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