1. kyounis

    York College Research Symposium


    Yesterday me and my colleague/classmate presented our app along with our other classmates as a part of the York College Research Symposium. We spoke about our research topic as well as demonstrate our app to faculty and students on campus. It was a great great experience as we received a …

  2. kyounis

    Mobility First Research Phase 2


    Now that we have studied the future Internet architecture and developed our individual apps, my classmates and I are now going to the second phase of the research project. The second phase is going to be doing further research focused on Mobility First. Along with the research we are also …

  3. kyounis

    Content Delivery App


    As a part of the second phase of my mobility first research, me along with my class mate Curtis David shall be creating an Android app which creates content and sends it.

    The idea of the app is to take pictures at a certain event and share the pictures with …

  4. kyounis

    Report on STAR (Storage Aware Routing protocol)


    Khaiel Younis

    Future Internet Architectures Report

    Professor Shweta Jain


    STAR – Storage Aware Routing Protocol


    The storage aware routing protocol or STAR as it is more commonly referred to was researched and developed by Dr. Shweta Jain of CUNY York College, Snehapreethi Gopinath and Dipankar Raychaudhuri of Rutgers …

  5. kyounis

    Introduction to Databases (Healthcare)


    In the very little spear time that I have, I began learning about databases as they pertain to medical informatics, a field that I am very interested in. So to help me retain what I have learned I am going to write short summaries on what I have learned and …

  6. kyounis

    Android App Progress





    My Android app is coming together slowly but surely. I have created a start up screen with the app tittle and the four main buttons. So far the first three buttons are active. The user can save their username then display it, see the instructions on how …

  7. kyounis

    My Android App


    I have began work on my Android trivia game app. So far I have set up the start up screen user interface with four basic buttons:

    Username button- Where the user will create their username and save it.

    How to play button– Instructions on how to play the game.

    High …

  8. kyounis

    Android App Proposal


    For my Android app development workshop I was required to come up with a simple idea for an app that I would create over the upcoming weeks. I decided to create a simple trivia game in which the user would view an image then get asked a question about that …

  9. kyounis

    eXpressive Internet Architecture


    The eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) is another one of the four projects funded by the the National Science Fund(NSF) in 2010. It tries to cater to the needs of every single aspect of the internet as well as those still to come in the future. XIA sets of to be …

  10. kyounis

    Named Data Network


    The first research topic we looked at in the workshop was the Named Data Network.

    The Named Data Network is one of four projects funded by the NSF in 2010, but has its roots from a project started by Van Jacobsen in 2006 called Content Centric Networking. It’s main feature …

  11. kyounis

    Android app development week two


    I finally got all the resources I needed to begin developing apps downloaded and installed on my computers, so now it is time for me to get my hands dirty and start learning.

    In the second workshop we got about creating our own first applications. As most programmers know the …

  12. kyounis

    Android app development week one


    Week 1 was interesting as well as filled with head aches.

    This past saturday we began a workshop geared towards the future of the internet and mobile app development under the instruction and supervision of Dr. Shweta Jain with the help of CUNY graduate student Cuiyuan Wang. 

    We Began by …

  13. kyounis

    Future Internet Architectures


    Besides android app development, as a part of my Saturday’s workshop I also learn about the future internet architectures. So far we have went over each one that is currently being researched briefly and week by week we go over them more in-depth. All of the research topics are sponsored …

  14. kyounis

    Time to update


    Well its been just about a year since I have uploaded any content on here. I think that its time I start blogging again and improve this site, since I pay to host it after all. I have updated the theme to give the site a whole new look and …

  15. kyounis

    Final class summary


    Well this is how it ends huh? Nope this is not how it ends, CT101 was just the introduction to a lot more multi-media production that merely opened the door. I had a lot of fun with working on the projects we did in class from start to finish. Some …

  16. kyounis

    Too precious!


    My personal picture are very important and valuable to me, so I tend to cherish them greatly. I have all my pictures backed up on my external hard drive and every two months or so I would back up all my recent pictures from my phone and/or camera to ensure …

  17. kyounis

    The sad cycle of the world


    For my final project I chose to work with green screen again like we did in class when we created the puppet troll using green screen a couple weeks back. But instead of trolling one video I thought what if I used still images and troll them in a certain …

  18. kyounis

    Listen! Do you hear the story?


    Audio assignment #70


    I downloaded the sound effects to create this from freesound.org/ I got the idea to this from a movie I just happened to over hear while I was surfing through channels on tv. Though I didn’t really see what was going on in the movie I …

  19. kyounis

    Week 4 summary


    In week four we learned how to create graphic gifts by only cropping out one specific part of a picture and getting rid of the rest leaving a clear layer around the cropped portion and editing it further. This allows me to use my new graphic gift and place it …

  20. kyounis

    Week 3 summary


    On week there we began to do some even more fun stuff in class, working on animated gifts. It was cool to learn how to create one of these motion picture because I have always seen them on the internet and was always fascinated with them. Professor Smith showed …

  21. kyounis

    Week 2 summary


    Week two came very quickly after week one with me still eager to learn new things. We began to customize our blogs in class by changing the appearance and adding vital pluggins which would important for our website to function smoothly. Everything still felt so new to me as I …

  22. kyounis

    Week One summary


    Well I know its quite late to be posting a summary of week one in my ct101 class but I did live through it and I do remember how my first week went. The first week of class was interesting, I walked in not knowing what to expect. Everything seemed …

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