1. @L_Raz0829

    Final Reflection



         This course was designed very differently from courses I have taken in the past. Instead of utilizing primarily canvas for the course it seemed to be more about blogging and then connecting with each other and “hosting” our assignments via twitter. While I have used Twitter in the past for …

  2. @L_Raz0829

    Week 7 Reflection


    Almost at the end of the session already! This week has been so hectic trying to get the final DS106 project complete! Who knew it would take basically three full days of downloading, editing and filming to create such a small video? In retrospect though I definitely went overboard with …

  3. @L_Raz0829

    Angry Boat (Story Critique)


         For this week’s digital story critique I wanted to find something on making movie trailers to help figure out how to make an epic trailer for my other class assignment. I found a YouTube video literally titled, “How to make an EPIC movie trailer!” It is a short four minute …

  4. @L_Raz0829

    3 Toddlers and a Riddler (Final DS106)


    For my final DS106 project I really wanted to go out with a bang and by bang I mean including explosions! My storytelling theme is “Through the Eyes of a Toddler” so I knew I wanted to do a video and make it epic. When I came across the project …

  5. @L_Raz0829

    Week 6 Reflection


    Well, this week didn’t go too as well as you can see by the fact that I am posting it in technically week 7. Unfortunately there were some events last week that kept me from completing everything. That being said, I took my time this week to catch up on …

  6. @L_Raz0829

    Seasons Song Video (Story Critique)


    For my digital storytelling critique this week I wanted to try to find a video about the seasons that I could show my daughter. I found a few very homemade looking videos that just included too much jargon for my daughter to understand. Finally, I found a video called Seasons

  7. @L_Raz0829

    Just Keep Swimming! (Week 5 Reflection)


         Wow! Week 5 has come to an end already! Well, this week was certainly an interesting one. It began with the fourth of July and we had a lot planned for that day naturally. So my school week didn’t really actually start until Tuesday. Unfortunately all of my big plans …

  8. @L_Raz0829

    Bring It Villains!!!


         This weeks mashup was about taking a photograph and putting it into a different image. I had a ton of ideas right off the bat but then I realized that I needed to incorporate my theme “Through the Eyes of a Toddler”. So I started by sifting through photos of …

  9. @L_Raz0829

    Week 4 Reflection: Happy 4th of July!!


    Wow, is it really the half way mark already?! I have to say this week flew by the quickest but perhaps that is because it is a holiday weekend. Or perhaps it is because it is as they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!” Either way the fourth …

  10. @L_Raz0829

    Week 4 Reading Reflection


    The article focused on three main things, self-publishing online, the nature and fabric of blogs as texts, and the development of social networks through blogging. In discussing blogging, the article talks about how blogs blend personal information publicly. Stating that, “it is a little like displaying a personal journal in …

  11. @L_Raz0829

    Week 4 Motivational Poster


    This weeks creation was to create a motivational poster that focused on my story telling theme. My theme is “Through the Eyes of a Toddler” so I knew right away that the photo would be of my daughter. Not sure what photo I wanted to choose quite yet I decided …

  12. @L_Raz0829

    Week Three Reflection


    Each week seems to be getting better than the last! I feel that I completed the tasks this week in a more timely manner than the last two weeks but I still need to get stuff done a bit earlier. I felt like I was just behind the curve on …

  13. @L_Raz0829

    Digital Story Telling Critique Week 3


         This week I decided to critique a video on sign language for kids. I ended up finding a video that focused more on babies than toddlers but I figured the signs are the same right? I ended up finding this video to critique. I have to admit that this video …

  14. @L_Raz0829

    Week 3 Reading Reflection and Scholarship


    This week we read Chapter 1: DIY Media: A contextual background and some contemporary themes. I truly really enjoyed the subject matter of this article. It was all about aiming to introduce ourselves to DIY or do-it-yourself media. It discusses how today’s youth is doing a lot of “digital media” …

  15. @L_Raz0829

    3 Years in 3 Minutes!


    This weeks challenge was to create a video that paid homage to something I care about. I knew immediately I wanted to create a video about my daughter but I had no idea what approach to take at first. So I started by looking through my videos and realizing I …

  16. @L_Raz0829

    Week 2 Reflective Summary


    I feel like this week started off really well and then I became quickly overwhelmed again. On the one hand, I am definitely starting to get the hang of the structure of the class but the workload is still feeling very overwhelming. I am finding myself spending multiple hours every …

  17. @L_Raz0829

    She Just Couldn’t Let It Go!


    I was recently tasked with completing an audio assignment for my ILT 5340 course. One of the really neat components of this course is the ability to take assignments in a direction of your choosing. So I began the assignment by sifting through various assignment choices which you can look …

  18. @L_Raz0829

    All Back Of The Bus!!



    Today’s Daily Create was to decide what would be in Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine. My first thought was the scene from the movie Riddick where he has been arrested and is sitting in the back of a plane about to head to his new prison. His captors mocked him while he …

  19. @L_Raz0829

    Dark Side Of The Moon!


    This Daily Create was about the dark side of the moon of the DS106 class. My first step was to find a good picture of the moon that had a good amount of dark space to fit my images. The next step was to think about what students on the …

  20. @L_Raz0829

    Week One Reflection


    If I had to sum up the first week of coursework in one word it would be, wow! I began the class on the wrong foot because I didn’t realize classes had begun until four days after it started. I am not new to online courses by any means so …

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