1. @Lachdown3

    Who Said Whaaaa

         This assignment had em mix and match a photo, character name, and quote from different spy movies and mix and match them all together to try and confuse people:     The photo comes from “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” a spy movie released in 2002, while the…
  2. @Lachdown3

    Week Three in Summary

         I’m guilty of not being too invested in this class until this week, but I must say that the assignments for this week were fairly interesting and fun to do. I enjoyed how we focused on the idea of a Superhero, and it allowed me to think more…
  3. @Lachdown3

    Superhero Idea: Jasper Regan


    I have an idea for a hero:

       A man wakes up on top of a mattress that he had not used in 10 years. He opens his eyes in the house that was owned by his father – who had purchased the residence in 1992 in celebration of his …

  4. @Lachdown3

    Vonnegut and ‘Preacher’



        So – After watching ‘Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories’ I’ve gained new insight on how stories are made, as well as how to quickly tell if another hero story coming out of Hollywood is going to be something I enjoy or not. So Vonnegut’s lecture …

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