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    Battling a posterior tibial tendon issue and possibly plantar fasciitis. Haven’t run in weeks… so sad….

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    Running and more


    Now that I have five marathons under my belt, I have a little experience on how to complete the distance. But I’ve also learned that there’s more to being a good runner than just running…

    When I first started running (I was 14), all I did was run. And I …

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    I am reporting on setting up the accounts we’ll need for class.

    WordPress blog site – easy to set up; hard for me to customize it the way I wanted it to look. I tend to spend way too much time trying to make things look right and this was …

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    Hello world!


    OK – this is my blog! No problem so far. I’m taking a graduate class on Writing for the Workplace and this is part of it!

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