1. @LaurenMacwha

    The Reason Behind The Design #DesignThoughts #DS106


    Hello DS106! I am starting off week six with some thoughts on the design after reading some articles. I will link down below the original post from my Professor which includes the link to the articles. When I first think of design I picture interior design, because that interests me. …

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    #DS106 Radio Show #radioshowideas


    Hello friends! I am here to talk about an exciting project coming up in my digital storytelling class. We are preparing to in groups work on a 30-minute show to broadcast on ds106 radio. So for this post I wanted to share a few ideas that I had about what …

  3. @LaurenMacwha

    Sally Sells Seashells By The Seashore… #AudioAssignments, #AudioAssignments2119 #DS106 #TongueTwisters




    Hello friends! I am starting my assignment bank for audio this week! My first assignment marks 3/12 stars that I need to complete, for this assignment I was asked to record myself speaking tongue twisters and laying an audio in the back of that. I linked the recording …

  4. @LaurenMacwha

    Does Audio Really Matter? #AudioReflection #DS106


    Hello friends! Welcome to week five of my digital storytelling class, this week we are focusing on audio. So we’re talking about the importance of sound to storytelling in this post. Have you ever been on Hulu and tried to watch a show but the audio was lagging? You can …

  5. @LaurenMacwha

    The Story Behind The Lens #PhotoReflection #DS106


    Hello everyone! I am starting week four of my digital storytelling class. For my first assignment this week we were asked to write up a post explaining our experience with photography. I have always really admired photographers for the way they are able to capture certain moments in life. I …

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