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    Wanna know where I love to spin and who my favourite instructors are? — then check out my VanSweaty page :)


    – L

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    Vancouver’s Favourite Boutique


    Yesterday I went to the V.I.P Event at Vancouver’s favourite boutique, The Latest Scoop. Check out my post in my Community + Events page to see pictures of the Spring Concept store!

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    Assignment 5: Brand Persona + User Story


    Brand Persona

    Meet Giselle.

    What is their name? Giselle How old are they? 24 What is their favourite (song/book/movie/magazine/food/clothing/etc)? Book: #GirlBoss by: Sophia Amoruso TV Show: The Hills Magazine: WWD Food: Grilled Cheese Piece of Clothing: A Cardigan How much money do they have to spend? What do they spend…
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    Assignment 4: Mission + Cross Network Images


    The two networks I wish to showcase my Gravatar and my social media banner I created is my personal blog and my Twitter account. The reason why I chose these two media networks is because this is where I will be posting most of my articles and fashion segments.

    The …

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    Assignment 2: Online Identity Remix


    My Own Social Media Presence

     The networks I use the most are Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I do have accounts with other networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, but I use them less as they are for used for different purposes in my web presence.

    There are other social media …

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    Food + Drinks


    Want to see what café’s, restaurants and bars I’m visiting? Check out my Food + Drinks page to see what café I went to today. :)

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    My Social Media Inventory + Action Plan


    Social Media Strategy: Assignment 1

    Right now my total social media inventory is 1735.

    How I got my total inventory number? I added my total followers and friends on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.

    My action plan to increase my social media inventory number is to have more of a …

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    about lauren


    fashion marketer | visual merchandiser | YVR

    student at the art institute of vancouver | fashion marketing + merchandising

    lover of: music, coffee, social + community events, fashion, yoga, traveling

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