1. lblackwell94

    Unit 4 Reflection


    I didn’t really enjoy this unit as much as the last, for me I’m a very visual learner so it was difficult to apply myself to tasks that purely involve listening and providing my own visual learning through my imagination. I still enjoyed it though and it was interesting for …

  2. lblackwell94

    Audio Storytelling


    For the first part of Unit 4 we were asked to watch various videos on audio storytelling and write a reflective blog about these videos. The first video was “Radiolabs Jad Abumrad: How radio Creates Empathy.” I found this a really interesting video and a couple of key quotes really …

  3. lblackwell94

    Unit 3 Reflection


    The first section of this Unit was ‘What is Story Telling?’ In this section we had to write about what we thought story telling was, without looking up the definition online. I found this a difficult one at first, it was so tempting to look up the definition and then …

  4. lblackwell94

    The Shape of Stories


    I watched a video by Kurt Vonnegut where he describes the shapes of stories. He talks about relativity;the shapes of the curves of what matters and there origins.   He describes storytelling in terms of a graph, a vertical axis with good and ill fortune, and a horizontal axis of beginning …

  5. lblackwell94

    What does Story Telling mean to me?


    Storytelling to me has different meanings. While the obvious one is a parent telling a bedtime story to their child, with fairytales and imaginary worlds and magical worlds where you can be transported into another world for a few hours but it also means sharing memories of events, whether important, …

  6. lblackwell94

    Unit 2 Reflection


    So this week the tasks for the DS106 Course got a little bit harder and I had to use my brain a lot more this time! Having completed my first task and got the feel for how DS106 works I had a bit more of an open mind and was …

  7. lblackwell94

    Unit 1 Reflection


    Okay so this is my first blog about the DS106 online course. I want to talk mainly about my setting up of the course in Unit 1, including links to my social media accounts that I have created for the course, my reflections on the ‘What is Art?’ videos, what …

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