1. lbrumfield

    The Drive


    Activity Time Lapse | Make a time lapse video of you completing a project or activity. For example, it could be a building project, and art piece, doing laps in the swimming pool, or any other number of things. 3.5 stars.… Continue Reading →

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    Burns & Lang


    For this video week, aside from the inspires and daily creates and assignment bank tasks, we were also asked to do a few readings and analysis work for a couple clips. So that’s what this post (and probably a future… Continue Reading →

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    Zeugma Fragments


    Daily Create | Write a few zeugmas, perhaps as a poetry. Zeugmas are “are figures of speech in which one single phrase or word joins different parts of a sentence.”   Poetry isn’t exactly my strong suit, so think of the follow… Continue Reading →

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    Screen Capture Story


    The second I saw this, I knew immediately that it would be one of my inspire posts. Not only is the assignment I chose to showcase brilliant, but the assignment directions give lots of room to be creative. So much in… Continue Reading →

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    The Kuleshov Effect


    “The Kuleshov Effect is a film editing (montage) effect demonstrated by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1910s and 1920s.It is a mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single… Continue Reading →

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    …get it? [via] Honestly, it was really nice to have a week of reflection; of looking back (in my case, WAY back) on the work of others from DS106. Its a little over halfway through the semester.. I think taking… Continue Reading →

  7. lbrumfield

    Meet Apollo


    Daily Create | Emoji come alive!! Hey everyone, meet Apollo, the bearded dragon who currently lives in my home. Totally took advantage of this assignment to introduce her to you DS106ers. ;) She’s pretty swell, huh?…

  8. lbrumfield

    Glow Art


    Daily Create | Make a light painting. For today’s Daily Create, I took the assignment’s advice and downloaded an light art app to my iPhone. I used Art of Glow, mainly because it was free, but it also seemed like I… Continue Reading →

  9. lbrumfield

    Moving Mosaic


    in[SPIRE] | You will be expected to add three works to the ds106 Inspire site, and then blog about each work in a separate post detailing how and why it inspired you. INSPIRATION #3 For my third inspire submission, I chose… Continue Reading →

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    What’s on my Window?


    Daily Create | Show us what’s outside your window! I had fun with this one. I tried to create the silhouette possibly a bit differently than some of my peers:: without any editing. By changing the angle of the photograph, editing it… Continue Reading →

  11. lbrumfield

    Housing Commercial


    After meeting and discussing with my radio group earlier today- I think I finally have a better idea about what’s going on. We made specific jobs for everyone, and now I feel fully confident that we are all participating equally.… Continue Reading →

  12. lbrumfield

    Wire Buyers Progress


    Hey good morning, everyone! Hoping you all had a nice, long Fall Break. Mine was SO needed. I’m slowly readjusting to real world, however, and noticed on the week 8 assignment post that we are to blog about our radio… Continue Reading →

  13. lbrumfield

    Week 7 Summary


    First of all, HAPPY FALL BREAK, EVERYONE! WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO THIS WEEK:   Assignment Bank 10 Stars: Everything you love about breakfast (2) Space Oddity over Mood Indigo (3.5) Spooky Beats (3) D..S..1..0..6.. (1.5)   Daily Creates 2:… Continue Reading →

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    Wire Buyers poster


    I made a tv commercial for my radio show group, but I also wanted to make some sort of visual form of advertisement. So I got to thinking… there’s nothing than a good ole fashioned poster/banner sort of thing. I… Continue Reading →

  15. lbrumfield

    No loose ends.


     You can find the commentary video here (with the right credentials, of course.) Karen Thorson is in charge of the post production. I had a bit of an understanding about what this was, but decided to look up the basic tasks… Continue Reading →

  16. lbrumfield

    Spooky Beats


    Spooky Sounds |  For this assignment, make an audio track using found sounds or your own recordings that is creepy, spooky, scary, halloween-inspired. Make it more than a minute long so we have time to get scared! Worth 3 stars.… Continue Reading →

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    Voice Over a Beat | Produce a beat with any (online) beat generator. (For example you can do it with Soundation: http://soundation.com/studio by using their beat libraries.) Then record your voice over the beat. Make it sound cool or funny or… Continue Reading →

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