1. lbrumfield

    DS106 Letterhead


    Daily Create | Design your own weird and wonderful letterhead, just for DS106 use. After messing around a little on photoshop and NounProject, I came up with this. All symbols represent different weeks during the semester.…

  2. lbrumfield

    Handmade Type + Summary


    ^Since we’ve been dealing with Typography this week, check out some handmade typography found here. Design Assignments Wire Stars: Sketch a Picture (2), The Wire is All Straight Lines (2), A McNulty How To (3), The Wire Banner (4): 11 stars Regular Stars: Dear… Continue Reading →

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    The Wire Banner


    Website Banner |Similar to the Website logo, create your own website banner! This will go on your website like your featured image. Have fun with this and be creative! Worth 4 stars. If Season two of The Wire were to have… Continue Reading →

  4. lbrumfield

    I feel like a Koala.


    Daily Create | A 2 minute doodle about your feelings! Fun fact:: Koalas sleep 16-20 hours a day! Although I didn’t sleep that long this weekend, I do feel particularly well rested. :) ^Click on the photo to see it on my… Continue Reading →

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    Really Reality Tv


    Really Reality TV | Follow the following formula to create your own reality TV show for the ds106 Network. Worth 3 stars. Use the Reality TV Show name generator to get a title for the show. Do a Google search on the… Continue Reading →

  6. lbrumfield

    Dear Python Lover


    Valentine’s Alternative | Valentines day is lame and the cards are worse. Make a good one targeted towards a particular person (real or imaginary). Worth 2 stars. For this assignment I decided to take “alternative Valentine’s Day card” to the extreme. Yes,… Continue Reading →

  7. lbrumfield

    An Empathy Map


    Daily Create | With DS106 in mind, what might your Empathy Map look like? I think Empathy Maps are a great way to reflect on your current situation, so I made a point to do today’s daily create. You can see… Continue Reading →

  8. lbrumfield

    Happy Friday!!


    Hey everyone– first off, Happy Friday!!   I’m headed out of town this weekend so I’m checking out a bit early this week! I’ll still be available by twitter, of course, but I’m going to go ahead and put up… Continue Reading →

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    Daily Create | What’s on your radio? I’m drinking tea and cuddled in my bed reading on this rainy evening. This song has been on repeat! I added it to the #tdc991 group here.…

  10. lbrumfield

    Blitzing in my house


    Photoblitz | Be sure to grab the code and include the seven tasks you were assigned in a blog post, along with the photos you took. My Seven Tasks: An interesting shadow. Represent or express something loud. Make a photograph with… Continue Reading →

  11. lbrumfield

    An After Graduation Trip


    Story Map | create a map telling a story of a trip you took or would like to take. Worth 4 stars. I think the following is pretty self-explanatory. Check out the road trip I would take after graduation:…

  12. lbrumfield

    Teacup Blueprint


    Daily Create | Make your own stylish vintage blueprint. It wasn’t until after I created mine that I realized someone had already made a teacup as an example! I decided to keep this one anyway though, because I really enjoyed adding… Continue Reading →

  13. lbrumfield

    sun, it will rise


    My Favorite Lyric |  For this assignment use one of those lyrics that stood out to you and make it into a visual. Use some kind of background that represents the lyric and place the lyrics over it in some way.… Continue Reading →

  14. lbrumfield

    Stencil photo-


    Yay for visual week! Although I’m learning to love audio, it feels good to be working with something this week that feels a little closer to home. For my first visual assignment of the week, I’m choosing to work on… Continue Reading →

  15. lbrumfield

    A Different Perspective


    I purposefully made this my last post (before my weekly summary post, that is) for this week because I really wanted to spend time to think about this final project. From what I’ve gathered, we’re supposed to (eventually) create a… Continue Reading →

  16. lbrumfield

    My Morning Routine…


    …as of 5 minutes ago. Whats The Story Morning Glory? What’s your morning sound like? Tell a narrative of a regular (or abnormal) morning using the movements and sounds from getting off the bed, to starting the day. (No outside noises,… Continue Reading →

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