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    Help me, I’m poor


    Daily Create: Show us a feeling. Can you guess what it is? Its pretty self-explanatory, I think. Bonus points if you catch the reference in the last drawing. Also- check out my entry on Known!…

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    Visual Literacy


    One of the tasks we were given for this week was reading and reflecting on Bryan Alexander’s chapter on Web 2.0 Storytelling. I’ve been reading this chapter on and off for the past few days, which honestly I think has… Continue Reading →

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    I like trinkets.


    For my second assignment bank task this week I chose to do the Been There assignment that involves creating an animated GIF. We were asked to “take a moment from a movie that you can relate too and make a… Continue Reading →

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    in between goals


    DAILY CREATE: What is your favorite mathematical expression? Since math is not my forte, my ‘mathematical expression’ is inspired from none other than a quote. Are you surprised? Yes, I realize the assignment was supposed to be digital. But I… Continue Reading →

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    DAILY CREATE: Write a little story and read it out loud…in the dark. Use only your voice to make it come alive for your audience. Simultaneously writing a short story for a creative writing fiction course. This is a little… Continue Reading →

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    DAILY CREATE: What is your most hilarious tech confession? You can find some examples here. I’m fairly positive that if I did not have an iPhone, I would be unable to get from point A to point B behind the… Continue Reading →

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    Ultimate Hoop


    DAILY CREATE: Mashup the pieces of 2 unrelated games into a new game. My game: Ultimate Hoop. Funny enough, I’ve actually played this game before. My friends and I came up with it during a team building exercise at a summer… Continue Reading →

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    Why I Chose a Tree


    So I did today’s daily create assignment– you can find the prompt here, but essentially we were asked to create a logo for ourselves— our “brand.” Loved the scientist examples by the way. Although I have a personal website that I’ve… Continue Reading →

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    Week 1 Summary Post


    Introduction for the Blog | Monday, August 25 Hey everyone! Although the title of this post suggests that I will be summarizing the work I’ve done for ds106 over the past week, I also wanted to take a moment to introduce… Continue Reading →

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    Photoshop Course Projects


    Transformation GIF | Remember how I did this little assignment in class to get the hang of creating animated GIFs on photoshop? Well here’s my final project! BAND POSTER | The assignment was to create a poster on photoshop for a band that we created. Here’s what I came up …

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    Researched Artists from Photoshop Class


    Before the beginning of the semester, I wanted to go through and get everything set up on this website for my new round of classes. Below are the artists that I researched over the summer during my Photoshop class. // Matt Siber | Matt Siber, born in 1972, now lives …

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    Art of the Day 6/16 & 6/17


    Hard to believe that this is my last Art of the Day post! I feel like we just started this little assignment last week or something, but now today is reading day before final exams on Thursday! Weird stuff, guys. I’ve had fun with this though– making a point to …

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    Transformation GIF Project


    For our last project, the class has been asked to create animated GIFs on photoshop that somehow uphold a “transformation” theme. I’m using the following videos as my inspiration. Excited to share what I come up with in the next few days!…

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