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    Super Manning????


    Here are some entries in “Peyton’s” Poem diary:

    One beard of steel for the Football’s pride
    One beard of steel for the times we fly
    One beard of steel gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
    One beard of steel for the city streets
    One beard of steel …

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    Today Its All About Me


    Description: Make a video and brag about yourself for at least two minutes. The point of this is not to make your head so big that it explodes but to build your self-esteem. Don’t brag about your children, your pets, or anything outside of you. You don’t have to dress …

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    Make My Day


    Description: Plan your perfect day. Use either pictures you have taken, ones you draw, or ones from another source. Outline what it would be first with a schedule and then add the pictures with more specific details of what would be occurring.

    Here is my own submission for this assignment:…

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    Never Stand on the Corner in High Heels


    I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona awaitng my lovely boyfriend to find his way out of the flea market that had so many “cool things that you can’t find anywhere else”. The fact that you cannot find those things anywhere else should be a sign to high …

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    When Mom and Dad Are Away…


    Exhausted they layed in the bed.

    “That was a lot of work” they both said in unison.

    “Oh that could be from the excitement” he said.

    “My legs are so tired they are shaking” she said.

    They both were giddy from the joy of nobody knowing, they werent supposed to …

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