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    week 1? check!


    This is my weekly summary for the first week of ds106, which went by smoothly for the most part, but certainly with a little bit of a learning curve. I definitely got more confident and excited for the course as I worked through the assignments, going from overwhelmed and anxious …

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    80s pop culture things


    80’s pop culture in general, at least when I think about it, is very big and loud and over-the-top, but upon consideration, this is a very stereotypical, 2020-type view of things.

    essentially what i think of when imagining the 80’s

    As the gif suggests, this portrait of the 80’s is …

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    hey hey! i’m elizabeth kondzella and i’m super excited for this course, everything i did this week was super fun! introducing myself on twitter was the first step

    hey hey hey! my name is elizabeth kondzella (or just liz) and i'm a mary wash freshman! i can't wait to get …

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    hey hey hey


    hi everyone! i’m elizabeth and am kind of confused but i feel as though I need a blog post up, so this is a temporary one until I have all of the fun multi-modal intros done. enjoy!…

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