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    Cold Day? Gold Day


    The Story Behind the Story

    I chose the “When It’s Cold Outside” video project from the DS106 Video assignment list specifically because, rather humorously, despite being winter, it’s definitely not cold in Boulder at the moment. In fact, it’s not looking like it’s going to be for quite …

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    Personal Reflective Summary #2 INTE 5340


    Digital storytelling continues to grow! While that’s true in a literal sense in terms of the number of people telling stories online, I mean it more specifically as my understanding of it (what it can be, what it encompasses) from these assignments in class. Imagery, for instance, keeps coming up …

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    Response to Chapter 2: New Literacies


    Chapter 2 of New Literacies was, I’ll admit, a little confusing at first. While reading it, I was having a difficult time parsing out exactly what was being said in this chapter that was new, particularly in the first half of the chapter. Sure, literacy is described to the reader …

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    My Focal Theme & Learning Goals for INTE 5340


    My theme is hiking and camping! I’m interested in learning more about outdoor recreation–what’s new, what’s interesting, what’s changing on the industry side of things–and going hiking and camping more with my girlfriend while I’m in Colorado.

    Personal Learning Goals:

    I hope to learn and utilize at least two new…
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    Daily Create #2


    Why are these daily create activities Wild West themed all the time? It’s really odd. Anywho, here’s mine for the week.

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    Personal Reflective Summary


    This is the first of a series of bi-weekly personal reflective summaries as assignments for my INTE 5340 class.

    This week has very much been an introduction to the concept of digital storytelling itself. Though I wasn’t entirely certain what that may have meant at first (though my professor’s screencast …

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    Digital Story Critique


    This is the first of a series of “critiques” of digital stories–an assignment for my class INTE 5340.

    [This critique digs more into the theory of telling a fiction story in new modes rather than the elements of narrative used within the framework of that story itself.]

    Digital storytelling in …

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    Response to “New Literacies” Chapter 1


    I’m reading New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel for one of my classes, and I’m producing a series of blog posts to discuss some thoughts on the work chapter by chapter.

    Chapter 1:

    In essence, Lankshear and Knobel dive into discussing, at length, …

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    Daily Create Activities #1


    I’m doing “Daily Create” activities as part of my instructional design class. This week’s  activity was for people to “Make a tweet of Western kindness for someone you don’t know.” So, I addressed a lesser-known point of Colorado culture for people’s benefit:

    It’s true. Just go ahead and wear cowboy …

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