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    Digital Story Critique – Week 13


    The story I chose for this week’s digital critique is titled “Heather”. Heather receives assistive technology (AT) services from Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative (EATI), and explains the benefits of using assistive technology services and devices, as well as the benefits of participating in the EATI program and …

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    Digital Story Critique – Week 12


    The digital story I chose for this week’s critique, is a very inspiring story that captures the feelings of a student who struggles with dyslexia and the difference a teacher can make. The story was created by Nick Damato and is called “Progression”.  In less than three minutes the …

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    Digital Story Critique – Week 11


    The story I chose for this week’s digital story critique is a short film “Talk to me” that was developed to raise awareness of physical and mobility disabilities. The story is about Phoebe, an eleven year old girl with Cerebral Palsy who cannot walk and talk but is …

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    Digital Story Critique Week 10


    My digital story critique this week, is based on the truly inspiring story of Patrick Henry Hughes. The story begins with Henry playing the piano as the narrator introduces to the viewers the song Henry plays, which is titled “Light of the Moon”, and presents Henry’s disability using poetic …

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    Week 8 | Redefining Disability & Difference


    The article I chose this week is titled “Let’s redefine disability and difference” Digital storytelling helps change perceptions by Andrew Vowles. The article is about a digital storytelling initiative that was developed aiming into giving voice to underrepresented populations who in their turn through their powerful stories will shed light …

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    Week 7 – Scholarship Review


    Out of the three concepts, chapter 7 explores, “Social learning, ‘push’ and ‘pull’ and building ‘collaboration platforms’ for social learning”, I feel that I have a solid understanding of “social learning” but the concepts of  ‘push’ and ‘pull’ and building ‘collaboration platforms’ for social learning are relatively new to me.…

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    Assignment Bank: Video | Week 7


    This week I chose from the Assignment Bank the following Video Assignment:

    Exercise and Socialize

    Neighborhood walks used to be a good form of exercise and a good way to meet your neighbors. Nowadays, exercise is at the gym and socializing is online. Record a video of yourself taking a …

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    Week 6 | Digital Story Critique


    Everyone has potential” is the digital story I chose for this week’s critique. It was created by Katherine Krueger and presents her experience in the public school system as a student with an undiagnosed learning disability. It was not until Katherine Krueger enrolled in a Community College that …

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    Reading response Chapters 2-3

    Pixabay – CC0 Public Domain

    This week’s reading, has challenged but also expanded my definition of digital storytelling. Although, I have been enjoying listening to various remixes in my leisure time and in the foreign language culture course I taught, I introduced to my students, Greek music genres encouraging them …

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