1. Leslie Truesdale



    Make a photo that represents something you aspire to do or be one day.



    This is my cousin Patrick. The photo was taken at our family reunion in 2008. I chose this photo because he is the epitome of youth and carefree. I aspire to maintain my youth. …

  2. Leslie Truesdale



    Create photo that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life.



    This photo represents one of the happiest moments in my life because it is where my boyfriend, Wesley, and I fell in love.…

  3. Leslie Truesdale

    Stick Figures and Stick Situations- 1 Star


    For this assignment, I used a photo taken on a South African game preserve. The rhino was seen crossing the road in front of the truck. I used paint  to draw in a stick figure with the marker paint brush–shown running away from the rhino, as if being chased.


  4. Leslie Truesdale

    Splash of Color- 2 Stars


    For this assignment, I had a lot of fun. I think after 4 hours of playing, I created a handful of photos with color splash. By far, my favorite, and quite easy to do!



    This photo is of my big brother skateboarding. He makes a living by taking …

  5. Leslie Truesdale

    Fat Cat Crossing the Delaware- 2 Stars


    For this assignment, I chose to insert an enormously large cat into the painting Washington Crossing the Delware painted by Emmanuel Gottlieb Leutze.



    To create this epic moment in history, I followed Jim Groom’s instructions for photoshop. I brought up the photo of the phat cat and the …

  6. Leslie Truesdale

    Daily Create 2-6-2012


    Inverted Staircase


    The photo above is the staircase in my house–which obviously is not supposed to be seen upside down, but that’s the point! Funny to imagine someone climbing them, huh?


    Happy Monday!


  7. Leslie Truesdale

    Assignment 3, Part B



    To create my own story using a web 2.0 tool, I decided to incorporate Superbowl 2012. In order to create this photo/timeline, I used photoshop to show the sequence of photos and add the brief text. This timeline shows our main table of food and drinks at the beginning …

  8. Leslie Truesdale

    Assignment 3, Part A


    For this weeks assignment, we were asked to read two articles about “Web 2.0″– the upgrade of technology and the internet that incorporated interaction and social networking.


    In the O’Reilly article, there was a section on Netscape vs. Google. That hit home more than anything. I actually remember using …

  9. Leslie Truesdale

    Blog Experiment: Assignment 2, part 1


    I realize I did week 2′s assignment out of order, but I wanted more time to work on my blog. So as you can see, I have a wordpress theme. Its pre-made, hopefully temporary until I figure out how to customize everything myself. I’m slowly but surely getting the hang …

  10. Leslie Truesdale

    Daily Create 1-29-2012


    Daily Update 1-29-2012


    Greetings Bloggers!


    The link uploaded is my daily create for today. The prompt was to video the daily update (date, time, weather, etc).  Had a fantastic dinner at Capitol Ale House tonight with my boyfriends parents. It was a birthday celebration for him, YAY 21! …

  11. Leslie Truesdale

    Assignment 2


    For this week’s assignment, we were asked to view a lecture and read an article by Gardner Campbell. To be honest, at the beginning of each source I felt a little lost. Having never previously been involved in the online world with the exception of Facebook and occasionally Twitter, upon …

  12. Leslie Truesdale

    Boom. Blogging.


    Hooray! I’m finally here in the blogging world. After a long weekend, I finally figured out how to get this thing going. Getting my domain name was a easy as pie, but getting the we host on board was not. Instead of using the link from the DS106 tutorials page …

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