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    Every good writer and artist has their special signature that makes them who they are. If someone sees the logo or reads the name, people should recognize it as the person who created it. This is the one I have made for myself and it’ll be the one that you …

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    What I’ve learned


    Let’s see here… What have I learned? I guess the main thing I would do if I were to take the class over is to just man up and just do the proper introductions, even if they could be used against me later in the future. I would also do …

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    Cover art


    I did a hand sketch of this before moving to my laptop to color it in via krita. Now the assignment that I drew my inspiration, stated I should re-design a book cover. I figured, take it into my own hands and make the cover of my short story.

    I …

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    The way I wrote my name and did my logo is how I usually sign my work. Don’t you guys go stealing it now as I change it ever so slightly in every post! I even named my blog after being ‘a storyteller’. Lm of the url means Luna Mare …

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    Maverick’s Backstory


    Everyone has a story behind them, even if they are bad. Sometimes even the bad guys were good guys once too, before they turned bad. It was just society that made them who they were. Some villains are just that way because they couldn’t be saved. I thought it would …

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    Ember’s After Story


    This audio piece I made in the case I decided to have Maverick/Ember end up being turned over to the police. Which is certainly possible in the afterword. Bella could have just as easily been lying just to get out of that situation. The point of this, is that I …

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    Were once enemies
    Caring about the other
    Turned them to best friends

    A little haiku summarizing the Firelight Story. I don’t know what I thought this one would be fun, but I did it because everyone needs a summary to a long story.…

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    Book trailer


    This book trailer is to advertise the final project story, which is shared for the tell it/tweet it post. It defiantly unusual for a book trailer to be told in Minecraft, but it’s not usually the video that shares the story of a book, it’s the content. I did not …

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    Telling & Tweeting it


    Keep in mind, the following story I made for as a friend’s birthday gift. This is just a rough draft of what I plan to work on further in the future. There’s a lot to it.
    This story is what I will be using for my final project. The inspiration …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze

    The scene I choose

    Camera work:
    There was nine switches in the camera view. The quality of light could have been better, but this is someone who appears to do this for fun so it makes sense they don’t have a professional light or professional scene where they could record …

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    I am me


    I am me

    This is the assignment, it’s 3 stars

    I do this as to express a little about myself. I also wanted to show off a bit of my hypixel skyblock world as well. Minecraft is something I have been something I have been playing for quite some time …

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    Thoughts on Reading a Movie


    Reading a movie seems rather simplistic. I knew from my previous courses that things on the right are more dominate than the things on the left. I can’t remember the exact psychology as it has been a few years but it has to do with the programing in people’s brains …

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    Spooky Sounds (Week 3)


    I will state this now, I don’t want to have to post these assignments into different posts. It’s so disorganized and I hate it. But here it is!

    This assignment can be found here. It is 4 stars.

    The sound files can be found here or in the description …

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    Music Parody (Week 3)


    I will state this now, I don’t want to have to post these assignments into different posts. It’s so disorganized and I hate it. But here it is!

    This assignment can be found here. It is 3 stars.

    I did this parody based on this song

    The lyrics written …

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    Radio Hour & ScottLo. Thoughts


    The radio lab was extremely interesting. I frankly hated the fact that it was just a cut version of it… but I suppose it works when trying to show off specific sounds. There is a good balance of subtle sounds such as turning paper underlaying what people are saying. The …

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    Glass & Abumrad Thoughts


    After watching the four Ira Glass videos, I took note of a few things. The first thing to talk about is that there isn’t a set structure like a topic sentence. There should be a good balance between a good story and some reflection. There should also be enough time …

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    Second Summary


    My thoughts on canon. There’s isn’t much to it as I didn’t feel much of a connection to it. I wrote my response to it which seemed to be what the requirement of the assignment was. If I felt how well I responded, I would say I could’ve have …

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