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    Final Project


    I can proudly say that I am done with this semester!

    While I did struggle with a lot of assignments, and this project, I would say I learned a lot. Maybe not in the typical sense, but I definitely have better problem-solving skills.

    Enough of that, though. Let’s get on …

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    Weekly Summary


    Final project time!

    So for this week, Mariam and I decided to work together. We actually worked together for the radio show and thought it would be a good idea to collaborate again.

    We threw some ideas out there but ultimately decided that we wanted to do something that fun. …

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    Weekly Summary


    I am happy to say that this week has been a much more enjoyable (and less stressful) week!

    To start off the summary of this week, I’ll go over my Daily Creates which are always fun. My first one was about a creative roadblock. It’s simple and just a play …

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    I decided to do a tutorial, not for any specific project, but for the use of audacity in general. When I first started using audacity, I struggled IMMENSELY with it. It’s kind of funny how much I struggled with it because it’s so incredibly simple when you get the hang …

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    Mash-Up #2


    For this one, I needed to show the character growth of anyone from tv or movie. I chose Rachel Green from Friends. I feel she has shown serious growth from season 1 to season 10.

    In season 1, Rachel was a spoiled woman who had never paid for anything in …

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    Remix #2


    For this remix, I had to take a really close up picture of something AND THEN, act as if I’m a really stuck up art critic. So here we go!

    The artist really doesn’t seem to understand art. What is this supposed to represent? Art is supposed to mean something …

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    Remix #1


    Here is my first remix! I love it. I loved the show Scooby Doo growing up (still do) and I thought it would be a fun chance to mess around with it. In my opinion, if it’s not Scooby himself, Shaggy would be the one most likely to go missing …

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    Weekly Summary


    I’m so tired. I hate making video assignments so much.

    Let’s just get on with this past week’s assignments.

    My daily creates were the best part of this week. My first one was a little challenging, but I ended up catching on pretty quick. Next, I just had to …

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    Thinking Ahead


    I really liked my previous idea of taking a popular 80s movie and retelling it from a different character’s point of view. I think this could really allow us to be creative and tell a new story, but also allow us to work with all of our favorite movies from …

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    Weekly Summary


    I refuse to lie or sugar-coat anything, so I’ll just tell you straight up this was, BY FAR, the worst week. I struggled immensely with the video assignments and it was a stressful week in general.

    For my first Daily Create, I chose to draw my best Halloween costume. So …

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    Vintage Educational Video


    So again, I hate the video assignments. I feel like I’m cheating and not doing any of the work because I’m using video guides to help me. But then again, I’m still struggling a lot to put things together so that has to count for something? This one, for example, …

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    Creating a Commercial


    So for this week of video assignments, I created a shoe commercial for shoes that do the moving for you!

    Let’s start off by saying I hate video assignments. I know nothing about how to go about this and eventually just used a website that would help me through the …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week has been a whirlwind.

    Starting the week strong, I listened in on a lot of radio shows! Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to all as I had work and have quite the commute back, so I do apologize to those who put so much effort in!

    I can say, …

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    Looking Ahead…


    So for this upcoming project, I have very little idea on what to do. I want it to be creative and interesting, but I’m having trouble coming up with some storylines that would be!

    Stories related to the 80s can be anything really! I think that’s what makes it so …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    So the radio show I caught tonight was 80s Brain Cells You Forgot About. Not only do I love the name, but I also preferred the fact that it sounded more like a podcast rather than an actual radio show. Instead of announcing, there was more of a conversation going …

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    Weekly Summary


    I was really nervous about this week, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    The radio show was a lot of fun. The only stressful part was the fact that we were all trying to do this separately and putting it together was …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    This week has been chaotic and stressful, but despite that, I think my group’s radio show is going relatively well.

    Earlier in the week, we wrote a script in a shared google doc, shared all of our audio clips from last week, and tried to tie them all in together. …

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    Weekly Summary


    Woo boy, this has been a week. It was a tad stressful, won’t lie to you guys.

    I really, really like how my audio assignments turned out. Especially the intro I recorded for the radio show. I think I’m really getting used to audacity. I have all the basic features …

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    Radio Show Promo


    Shockingly, I really like how my promo poster turned out. I’m not usually one for creativity and design, but I think I did relatively well.

    I do wish I had explored the fonts more, and now that I’m looking at it, fixed the placement of “riding the,” to fit the …

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    Radio Show Week 1


    My group, Riding the Radio Waves, decided to do our radio show on 80s movies and the trends that they started.

    I’m pleased to say that I think our project is coming along really well! We decided on the theme and we all seem to really like it. We’re sharing …

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    Recreate a Movie Using Only Sounds


    So as always, I wanted to make sure I incorporated the radio show, my groups, been working on so I turned it into a radio game show!

    Again, I actually don’t hate it and I’m getting the hang of the “radio announcer” voice. I really like the intro music I …

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    Radio Show Intro


    So for this audio assignment, we had to create a Radio Live Show which I tweaked a bit to work with my group’s Radio Show.

    I actually had very little trouble putting this together and I really liked how it turned out. I explained the premise of the show, who …

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    80s Product Commercial


    For this assignment, I wanted to create a commercial that would work with my group’s radio show idea. Our idea was to talk about products, trends, and characters that made an impact at the time. So to create a commercial for straw fedora hats like the one Sam (Molly Ringwald) …

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    Weekly Summary


    So this week was rough, not because of any particular reason, just a lot of assignments, therefore, a lot of stress.

    Up first we have our daily creates. First I drew one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory was one of my favorite shows to watch …

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