1. mahmed11416

    Final Blog Post


    To be honest, I really enjoyed this class all semester. It definitely has been my favorite class this year. I’ve been having a lot of stuff going on at home and professor Seslow has been really understanding and patient with me. Most professor in other classes wouldn’t and some haven’t …

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    Today I learnt how to make vapor-wave in class. what began as random miss match of symbols evolved into a message for gamers kinda. It really does not matter what you play as long as you’re enjoying it. Theres no need for “console war”. We can like everything, and if …

  3. mahmed11416

    Deadpool portrait


    This project was a lot of fun and easier then I thought it would be. The hardest part was actually locating a good image for the project and setting the animation track up. I picked deadpool because it was one of the first movies that made me laugh out loud …

  4. mahmed11416

    Ds101 Projects


    I am interested in several projects on the Ds101 assignment bank two of them stand out for me right now. The first is something that really caught my eye in the custom wanted poster. I am a huge fan of westerns and pirate shows so i am excited to make …

  5. mahmed11416

    Memes are Art!


    I think art is always changing. New forms of art come into existence and there is always going to be a debate if this new kind of art is truly art. Memes are art and there here to stay for the better. It is an easily accessible form of art …

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    Gif reacting to class


    My thoughts on this class… well I missed the first week for some personal reasons, that’s a good start.

    so I originally started looking for a fun elective class for this semester that I know I would enjoy. a friend of mine was taking this class last semester and I …

  7. mahmed11416

    What’s making me happy? Young Justice is Back.


    Comic books, and comic book related media have always been a big part of my life growing up. I grew up adoring the 1990s cartoons like Batman the animated series, teen titans, spider-man the animated series, justice league unlimited etc. Unfortunately, in the 2000s they’re wasn’t a show that had …

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