1. @mallorykarnei

    Weekly Summary May 26


    This week was very intense with the amount of work that needed to be done. While it was all mostly fun and interesting to do, it was all very time consuming because I am doing the work while also teaching myself how to work the different applications.

    The first assignment …

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    15 Minute Photo Safari


    Photo Blitz Gallery

    Starting time Repeating pattern interesting shadow View of an ant dominated by single color Alive inanimate object Represents joy Abstract Looking through frame Into bright light Things that don’t belong together Ending time

    I thought that this photo blitz would be somewhat easy, however, it was extremely …

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    Tutorial to Visionary Tale


    The Visionary Tale assignment was a really interesting and fun one to do. I used PicMonkey to edit my work because it allows me to layer pictures and create a very interesting image. PicMonkey also allows me to crop, edit, and combine images as well as add other images and …

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    Tutorial to Spubble


    The spubble project was an interesting project that forced me to find a picture I didn’t really love and turn it into an assignment. I used PicMonkey for the assignment to help create a a product that was well done and somewhat playful. The PicMonkey website allowed me to place …

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    Set Fire to the Sky


    Imagine your watching a fire breather as a festival and instead of them breathing fire out for your entertainment, they are also the sole source of fire for the hot air balloon rides. Now, it sounds crazy, but this image shows that it is possible.

    In this visual assignment, …

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    Visionary Tale


    Imagine a world where there was no such thing as sight to anyone. Or if there was, the only things to look at were drab and did not engage you senses. You would never get to see your dream country, know your favorite color or flower, or even know the …

  7. @mallorykarnei

    Rude People


    You’re walking into a building, whether it be a restaurant or school building, and you notice someone behind you so you wait and hold the door open to be polite, but they never said, “thank you”. Better yet, you’re walking into a building and hold the door open for someone …

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    This week was a bit of a struggle since I have never used some of these sites or been asked to create my own domain, blog website, or even embed media. That being said, it was a difficult couple of days but very rewarding in the end when I figured …

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    Hello people!


    Hey everyone! I’m Mallory and I am a sophomore at University of Mary Washington. I live in Annapolis, Maryland and I’m very excited for this class because I’ve always had an interest in social media and blogs. I can’t wait to get more involved in this class!…

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