1. @Mariam Ahmed

    Calming Week


    This week had less assignments which really helped me. I had many things due for other classes for this week so having less work in this class was a advantage. Due to some problems in the week I was not able to listen to my classmates radio shows. I hope …

  2. @Mariam Ahmed

    Everything Connects


    These are the three daily creates that I found a connection in. Monster Mike was a monster that I was scared when I was younger but over time really started liking him. This daily create connects to the second one where I drew a monster. As younger kid I found …

  3. @Mariam Ahmed



    Due to some problems early in the week I was not able to listen to my classmates radio shows. When I listened to our radio show I liked it. We definitely could’ve improved on some things like adding more content to the show. I think our biggest issue was bringing …

  4. @Mariam Ahmed

    Always Room for Improvement


    I went back to the this post where I had to plan my perfect day. I remember that week was busy and I definitely rushed on some of the assignments. For this assignment I added a few more sentences. I also fixed many grammar and punctuation mistakes that I noticed. …

  5. @Mariam Ahmed

    Final Ideas


    So for the final project I don’t have many ideas but one could be talking about trends that were popular in the 80’s. Another idea could be expanding my thoughts and talking about more movies that were made in the eighties. The final project is a few weeks but I …

  6. @Mariam Ahmed

    And Done…


    This week was busy busy. The whole week I worked on the radio show. I really liked my group we did a great job on communicating and everyone did their parts( Great job Team Riding the Radio waves). For my audio for the radio show I had to record numerous …

  7. @Mariam Ahmed

    Radio Weeks Done


    This week I devoted most of my time to the radio show. My group was so awesome and I think we all did a great job communicating. I used audacity to record my audio for the radio show. I also used some things that I created from last weeks audio …

  8. @Mariam Ahmed

    Radio Weeks


    This week has been difficult because of midterms. I got a little behind with my audio assignments but thankfully was able to submit them. The audio assignments I did this week were related to our radio show for next week. I saw a few of my classmates posters and radio …

  9. @Mariam Ahmed

    Making Progress


    We formed our radio show groups using our websites and umw emails. We exchanged phone numbers so we could communicate better. We choose our radio’s name and what we will be talking about. We all shared our ideas and opinions about certain things, which was good because we all agreed …

  10. @Mariam Ahmed



    This is my poster for our group radio. Our radio’s name is Riding the Radio Waves, so I decided to create my poster around the name. I found a picture of a big wave and inserted it to gimp. I then used the text tool to enter text. My gimp …

  11. @Mariam Ahmed

    Another week done another to come


    When I read this week will be all about design I was nervous. I didn’t know much about design. Reading vignelli articles were quite helpful even the design resource page. My skills using Gimp have improved and learning about the different tools. This came in handy when I was doing …

  12. @Mariam Ahmed



    Designing is jut not a design. After the reading I learned that it takes several elements to make a design. In the reading it mentions that a design has a meaning. Vignelli says each design has a story which I definitely understand. It was nice reading this article teaching me …

  13. @Mariam Ahmed



    For my other Design assignment I did PSA Billboard. This assignment was to create a public service announcement billboard on something that really aggravates you about people, society, the world, etc. Rated 4.5 Stars

    One of my pet peeves is Blowing up bubble gum. I just find it somewhat …

  14. @Mariam Ahmed

    Journey of a Lifetime


    For my design assignment I did Travel Far Far Away. This assignment was to make a travel schedule. Rated 4.5 Stars

    I love traveling and exploring new countries. I have a goal to travel every summer to a new country or new countries. In the above I chose to …

  15. @Mariam Ahmed

    Fitting Right In


    For my other Design assignments I did Change Of Scenery. This assignment was to put yourself or others in a setting. Rated 4.5 Stars.

    I picked Washington DC in the 80’s for my setting. I used Gimp to crop my cat out of one photo using the crop tool. …

  16. @Mariam Ahmed

    Grateful For Her


    For my Design assignment I did Character Word Cloud. This was to form Different words that describe your character. Rated 2 Stars

    For my character I chose to describe my Best Friend. I used the this website to create my word cloud. I looked at different fonts and picked …

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