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    Writing Week Fun


    Weekly Summary

    I am starting to get the hang of doing the daily creates and blogging. This weeks daily creates I did were mostly related to art, which I enjoyed. This week’s theme was writing which was nice. I usually don’t get to write that much so I enjoyed being …

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    Storytelling of an Awesome Movie


    Storytelling is a process that takes some time.  Digital Storytelling is not just a beginning, middle and end. Digital storytelling is basically telling stories through technology. For this I chose to analyze the movie Karate kid. Karate kid is movie where a kid gets bullied but finds a man who …

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    A Comet, what?


    For my last writing assignment I did Sharing credit, Which is chatting with a person telling a story. 4 Star

    I decided to text one of my good friends Z to see what she was up to. This conversation was actually quiet interesting. We asked each other about their weekend …

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    Nature is Perfect


    We often as humans get so busy with our schedules and routines we forget to enjoy outside nature. It sounds kind of cheesy but if you think about it we don’t get enough time to appreciate mother nature. On one recent Friday  evening I was watching netflix because who doesn’t …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    This week has been busy but good. I enjoyed doing the assignment bank because it was three totally different activities. Creating the assignment bank activities was challenging because it required creativity. I got more time to figure out and play with my website and wordpress. I also enjoyed the daily …

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    A Iconic Hero


    For my other assignment bank I chose to do a person who inspires me.

    A legend that many people know is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is a person that truly inspires me. Nelson was a anti-apartheid meaning he was against racial segregation. Nelson was locked up in prison for twenty …

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    For my other assignment bank activity I chose My favorite picture. This is a picture of the sunset in Santorini, Greece. This is my favorite picture because it was just unbelievable. Words couldn’t describe the view. People lined up shoulder to shoulder to watch the incredible sunset. There were so …

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    Dream Room


    For one of the assignment bank I picked creating your dream room.

    For my bed I would want a big bed with light colored linens. I would love to have lights around my bed frame to make it nice and cozy. A walk-in closet would be another thing I would…
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    Twitter Intro


    Hello everybody, my name is Mariam Ahmed. I am currently a sophomore. My major is business Administration. I am taking this course because I would like to have a better knowledge of using various networks. I like to volunteer at animal shelters, and I love to travel. @ds106

    — mariam …

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    What does the 80’s mean to you


    When I hear the eighties I think wow that was a long time ago. There are so many things that we use today that were made in the eighties, so it ties in together. I am probably sure that living costs were way lower along with low gas prices, less …

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    This week has been a little tricky. Mainly because I didn’t have most of the accounts and creating them and figuring them out was a little tricky. WordPress was very new to me and so figuring that out was an interesting thing to learn because I definitely think I could …

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