1. @Marie-Lynn

    My First Song: Revisited


    For my second rework assignment in DS106, I wanted to revisit the song I made for the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. I stated in the original that I created this song using GarageBand after it came pre-installed on my new iPad. Since then I have bought a …

  2. @Marie-Lynn

    National Day On Writing: A Daily Create Story


    This week we did something a little different with Daily Creates than normal. Usually we just complete a set number, but this time we had to use them to tell a story. It was suggested that we do three of them and then tie them together to create a story. …

  3. @Marie-Lynn

    Postcard: Revisited


    I originally completed the “Postcards From Magical Places” assignment back in Week 6, where I made a postcard for the 4077 MASH unit from the television show M*A*S*H. However, anyone who may had read that post might remember that I mentioned I originally did not want to generate a postcard …

  4. @Marie-Lynn

    Our Very Own Radio Show!


    This week comes to an end with a bang, as everyone shares their radio show projects with the world! My group (We called ourselves The Fab Five!) consists of myself, Sarah Leonard, Erica Gonzalez, Mike Messina, and Skylar Joseph. We are proud to be sharing our recreation of the Roy …

  5. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show Progress Report #2


    As the week comes to a close, I felt is appropriate to summarize the progress of our radio show before we post the final project. Last week we made plans to meet on Zoom to record everything, since many of us were not in the Fredericksburg area during Fall Break. …

  6. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show in Progress


    As Week 7 comes to a close, I am both thrilled and scared of what is to come. This is the first ever major audio project I’ve worked on (with a group of people, no less!) so I’ve a right to be a little frightened! However, this doesn’t stop me …

  7. @Marie-Lynn

    What Is Our Radio Show?


    For our radio show project for DS106, our group decided to take a creative approach and recreate an episode of a radio drama from the 1950s. I was actually the one to come up with this idea a few weeks ago when we were brainstorming ideas for this project, and …

  8. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show Progress Report


    At the time of me writing this post, my group is well underway in creating our radio show project! Since I knew this project was coming up, I made sure to check out my email and Discord to see what the instructions were going to be. I was rather happy …

  9. @Marie-Lynn

    Dare to Design


    Design. Design. Design! This week has been one of those where you are thrown headfirst into something you’re familiar with but are allowed to experiment and do new things! Design was something I learned a lot about while doing photography, mainly because we were encouraged to think outside the box …

  10. @Marie-Lynn

    Thoughts on Design


    In many ways we do not think on a day-to-day basis how much thought goes into the design process of the world around us. Design is something we are presented with everyday, everywhere, all the time. Everything from the appearance of everyday objects to the decisions we make have a …

  11. @Marie-Lynn

    Design Blitz


    For my Design Blitz this week I decided to do something a bit different. I have mentioned in previous posts that I do photography and I have a plethora of film and digital prints, so I wanted to hand pick four of my previous photographs to display design elements. And …

  12. @Marie-Lynn

    Barcode Bob Ross


    For my final assignment this week I wanted to do something a bit odd that I could connect back to our class theme. After seeing all the Bob Ross silhouettes online, as well as the logo on our class site, I was ecstatic to do the assignment “Barcode Transformation” by …

  13. @Marie-Lynn

    An Architectural Mode


    For this post, I will be going over what I did for the assignment “Back To Basics!” To start off, I did not use either of the games mentioned in the assignment’s description. I’m not a huge fan of Minecraft, though sometimes I find myself playing it for fun, and …

  14. @Marie-Lynn

    Greetings from the 4077 MASH!


    For the assignment “Postcards From Magical Places” I decided to take a slightly less magical approach and use the name location from one of my favorite shows for this assignment. If you have been reading some of my other posts you might have noticed I like to refer to old …

  15. @Marie-Lynn



    After looking through the DS106 Assignment Bank, I really wanted to do the assignment “Recover a Classic” simply because the thought of redesigning a book cover sounds amazing to me. I actually was tempted to do this assignment back during the second week of class, but decided against it because …

  16. @Marie-Lynn

    Have You Seen This Person?


    For the first assignment of this week I decided to create a missing person poster for the assignment “Missing Person.” Since the assignment page encourages us to relate a few assignments to our class theme (Bob Ross) I thought this assignment would be the perfect one to include him in! …

  17. @Marie-Lynn

    Week Five Was an Auditory Adventure


    Looking back on this week, I think learning how to use audio editing software and the various methods of audio storytelling has been some of the most fun I’ve had in this class. I absolutely love music, radio, and audio dramas, so this week really spoke to me!

    This week …

  18. @Marie-Lynn

    Audio Relfection


    I would like to start off by saying “Moon Graffiti” was one of the most eerie and emotional things I’ve ever listened to. Outside of this class, I’m also in Dr. Harris’ Conspiracy Theories class this semester. A couple weeks ago I finished a paper that debunks moon landing conspiracy …

  19. @Marie-Lynn

    DS106 Radio Reflection


    Alright, so I didn’t know what to expect when listening to DS106 radio since at a glance the music played there isn’t really my thing (Sorry!) and because I typically don’t listen to internet radio. I’m old fashioned in many ways, so I still listen to radio the old fashioned …

  20. @Marie-Lynn

    (Attempting To) Harmonize With Myself


    Since I do not have a lot of experience with Audacity, I wanted to do an assignment that would challenge myself and would give me time to mess around in the program to familiarize myself with it a bit. I decided to do the assignment “Solo Vocal Trio” because it …

  21. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Dramas for our Radio Show!


    Since this week’s assignment page calls for us to brainstorm some ideas for our radio show project later in the semester, I propose we do something with radio dramas!

    Radio dramas are dramatized, acoustic performances. Since there is no visual component, radio dramas depends on whatever dialogue, music, and …

  22. @Marie-Lynn

    A Little Song of My Own


    Quick story behind this post! I recently bought a new iPad because Apple has stopped updating the one I’ve had for nearly ten years (stupid planned obsolescence) and also because I need a reliable back-up in case my laptop decides to bite the dust (which did happen two years ago, …

  23. @Marie-Lynn

    The Painter in Peril


    For my “Sound Effects Story” I decided to do something that would tie it into our theme associated with Bob Ross. I based my sound effects story around the average sounds associated with painters, with a little twist at the end.

    This assignment was actually my first use of Audacity …

  24. @Marie-Lynn

    Reflections on Photography Assignments


    As Week 4 comes to an end, I look back and see how much creative thinking goes into the process of photography and digital projects as a whole. I’ve been doing photography for a few years now, but have little experience on the digital side of things. This week’s assignments …

  25. @Marie-Lynn

    Becoming A Better Photographer


    I would like to start off by saying one of the things I really dislike about the modern photography fad with phones is how you can shoot the thing off and take like a hundred shots in less than a minute. Then they go through and pick the best shot …

  26. @Marie-Lynn

    My Own Experiences With Photography


    Photography has been a big part of my creative process in life for the past five years. When I was in high school it was required we take at least one art class, though we were allowed to chose. I had originally tried to take the fundamental art class but …

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