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    She’s bold, she’s passionate, and she’s as close to invincible as anyone can ever get. She evidently has two sides to her and both are unapologetically and vibrantly shown. Her name is simply: woman. She is so powerful that she can simultaneously be in all of us. Some, show a …

  2. MassielPerez

    Week #4


    I’ve chosen the Visual assignment as well as the design one. To do these I think I’d simply need to use Photoshop. I think that we should have two or three of each of these projects in class this semester. The design one especially looks like a very good way …

  3. MassielPerez

    The Gif Portrait Project


    This week, we learned to make animated GIF’s from headshot photos we found online. This project was especially hard compared to the ones we’ve had in class so far simply because it required more Photoshop steps. As a first-time Photoshop user, it was hard for me to get the hang …

  4. MassielPerez

    All About Memes


    Memes are so IMPORTANT! I probably use them more than I even need to.

    There is a meme for any and every situation. Sometimes, I find memes and I’m like “Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who did this!!” but then I see so many people …

  5. MassielPerez

    Call me: STEVE JOBS


    In week two of my CT 101 class, we learned how to make animated GIF’s using Imgur. So, of course, I feel super tech savvy.

    So it is now safe to say that I am the queen of the internet. Sorry, KKW.

    And for my speech: I’d, of course, like …

  6. MassielPerez

    Making Me Happy


    Since becoming a pescatarian, the internet and the comfort of easily finding recipes online have been my saving grace. I’ve found insane amounts of new recipes I would’ve never tried before and it is safe to say, I eat “funner” things now than I did when meat was a …

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