1. MassielPerez

    All About Memes


    Memes are so IMPORTANT! I probably use them more than I even need to.

    There is a meme for any and every situation. Sometimes, I find memes and I’m like “Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who did this!!” but then I see so many people …

  2. MassielPerez

    Call me: STEVE JOBS


    In week two of my CT 101 class, we learned how to make animated GIF’s using Imgur. So, of course, I feel super tech savvy.

    So it is now safe to say that I am the queen of the internet. Sorry, KKW.

    And for my speech: I’d, of course, like …

  3. MassielPerez

    Making Me Happy


    Since becoming a pescatarian, the internet and the comfort of easily finding recipes online have been my saving grace. I’ve found insane amounts of new recipes I would’ve never tried before and it is safe to say, I eat “funner” things now than I did when meat was a …

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