1. mattdietz

    It’s all over now… :(


    This is it! My final reflections! ds106 is over! Honestly, I’m pretty sad about this class being over, it has probably been one of the most enjoyable classes I have taken (excluding all the stressful parts). I really enjoyed a good amount of the assignments in this class, my favorites …

  2. mattdietz



    our stop motion video is now complete! overall it was a really fun project! i guess i should talk a little about our process. Pretty much all we did was try to think of a cool idea and then take a lot of pictures to put it in motion! i …

  3. mattdietz

    Stop Motion Is So Fun!


    Chris and I are having an awesome time working on our final project and what we got is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. We are probably going to try to make it a little more linear I guess rather than having random clips of us doing something …

  4. mattdietz

    This one’s for all the baby DS106ers


    Hmmm, what can I say about ds106… Personally, I thought the class was awesome although it wasn’t really what I expected. I came into it thinking it would be an easy A since it was a 100 level, but boy was I wrong. But even if it was harder than …

  5. mattdietz

    And now it’s time to play catch up!


    here we go, I’m staying up all night so I figured “might as well catch up on all those posts I never wrote!”, so I might have a bunch coming at once. Anyway, this one is a good five weeks late. RADIO. Where to start with RADIO… maybe by saying …

  6. mattdietz

    Super Mash Bros.


    alright alright, i didn’t actually make up the post title because they are actually a duo that make mashup songs, but i thought it was a clever title. Moving on to mashups, I was asked to consider the questions of whether or not remix/mashup is an “assault on originality?” and …

  7. mattdietz

    Finally! Got my video essay done!


    I know this is late, but here it is. I procrastinated way too much on this, because it actually was really easy to do. I had the movie on my computer already so I just put it into Windows Live Movie Maker and cut out the scenes that I wanted …

  8. mattdietz



    looks as though my video essay has been blocked due to copyright infringement. I guess no one will ever be able to see my beautiful piece.…

  9. mattdietz

    Last minute web page editing


    Man I waited so last minute for this webpage editing assignment. I couldn’t think of what to make but I eventually came up with the stupidest idea. Everyone will think it’s weird and maybe even creepy and probably not funny but sadly, it’s something I actually did in high-school with …

  10. mattdietz

    Making My Comeback!


    Wow, fuck it’s been a very long time since I have updated my blog! I really need to get on with catching up on some of my missing assignments for this class. I’ll start off by just talking a little about the radio assignment. It seemed like this would be …

  11. mattdietz

    I used to be a baby!


    So here’s my young me now me picture. I might redo it so I can actually have one with me posing the same way I was posing in the young me picture. But as of right now this is the only picture I have of me as a little kid, …

  12. mattdietz

    Flickr Photostream help!


    Can anyone help me out with the Flickr photostream? I got the plugin and put it on my sidebar and got my user ID number but the pictures won’t show up! I don’t know how to make it work!…

  13. mattdietz

    Daily Shoot


    I wasn’t able to get this up yesterday, but this is my daily shoot for the out of focus subject. My friend’s apartment has these awesome door peepholes so I was like hey take a picture of me through it, and it turned out nice and blurry!

  14. mattdietz

    Playlist Poetry


    I actually liked doing this a lot! I think I might do this a bunch of times since I have over 6000 songs on my itunes to work with. I only looked through A B and C’s for this first one, so I have a ton more to look through. …

  15. mattdietz

    Daily Shoot : Unusual Point Of View


    Here’s my photo for today’s dailyshoot! This is one of my rats, his name is Natalie Portman. He constantly escapes his cage and explores my girlfriends room, he made his second home under her bed. He thinks he’s so cool squeezing through the bars and climbing all over the cage……

  16. mattdietz

    Minimalist Movie Poster


    I decided for my assignment that I would make a minimalist movie poster. I love the professionally done ones that you can find online, they are some of the most creatively simple pictures I’ve seen. To get started I had to pick a movie, this was a huge decision in …

  17. mattdietz

    Final Project?


    So, we are supposed to be thinking about what we want to do for a final project… I am terrible at planning things ahead! I always procrastinate and do things as last minute as possible. I saw a couple guys who are thinking of doing a longboarding video, and I …

  18. mattdietz

    Daily Shoot


    Well I am way behind in these daily shoot assignments, I had wanted to get an actual camera to do them but I guess I’ll have to settle for my phone camera. Anyway, the prompt for today was to take a picture that illustrates preparedness, here is my picture:

    You …

  19. mattdietz

    Pee Bottles Retold


    While I was looking through everyone else’s retelling of their story, I came across ToonDoo, which caught my interest. I decided to check it out and I ended up retelling my story using ToonDoo, here you go:

  20. mattdietz

    Who DOESN’T like peeing in bottles?


    Alright, so here’s my story and I think it’s going to be pretty long and poorly written so bear with me. Back in my highschool days I was a little shit. Well, thinking back on it I was, but at the time everything was funny. Actually I still think it …

  21. mattdietz

    the first of many, i suppose


    Here it is, my first blog post ever! I guess I will start it off by showing off my gif:

    Making this wasn’t hard at all, but trying to get the right programs was a bitch. I spent a lot of time downloading things only to find out that there …

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