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    Week 14: Tutorial


    So there aren’t really pictures for this one, as much as general advice. This assignment asked you to write about your favorite or most memorable experience from your first year move in! I’m not going to talk about mine that much, but more of the process that I went through.…

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    Week 14: Tutorial 2


    This project is pretty straight forward but hopefully this makes it easier.

    1. Open up word.
    2. Write your name vertically (see picture)    


    3. Think of works that describe you. They can be big vocab words or simple words…whatever works! Type them in!

    4. Mess with the fonts so …

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    Week 14: TDC Ideas


    So….no more daily creates for me? Well here a few for someone else! Both of mine were built around the idea of coming up with things I could do when I was at work or commuting. Things that wouldn’t seem strange to do in public and could almost be just …

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    Week 9 Assignment: Movement



    wiggle wiggle wiggle , said the lonely headphone.


    For this assignment (3 stars), we had to find an object, make it move and vine it. Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of it. but I realized that A. I don’t have a vine anymore. B. My phone camera …

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    Week 9 Assignment: Best Friends


    This week I chose to commemorate my best friend, Evan. Evan has been there for me since the first time I tripped and busted my butt on college walk during freshman orientation. We are moving in together after graduation, and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend to be …

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    Week 11: Weekly Summary


    Bev here. This week, Damon and I made and started our own company: Fast Travels. It took a lot of work, but I think it will work well. If you need us, let us know. We built the website from the bottom up. I was mostly in charge of the …

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    Week 10: Reflection on more video and changing over




    School is hard. Even as a second semester senior.

    There was a lot of DS106 this week.


    Anyways, just thought I would throw those facts out there. This summary is gonna be quick and simple.

    I did 15 stars of video assignments (omg. omg. omg times 15). …

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    Week 9 Reflection: Learning the Video


    Unfortunately, I got really sick this week and didn’t get a chance to live tweet the radio show. But I did listen to them after I was really a fan of the work our student body does. I’m constantly surprised at the things we are able to accomplish at such …

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    Week 9 : Final Radio show reflection


    Originally from Week 9

    Working with my radio show group was a lot of fun, work, exhaustion, and learning. I loved working with Neila and Jonathan to produce a really good show. A lot of people thought it was confusing, but I think that was our general purpose or idea …

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    Reaching out to people on DS106


    Overall, commenting on people’s blogs is always a lot of fun! I think that students should know when they do well and should get some credit for it. In this post I have listed the 10 comments I made this week. A lot of the work I saw inspired me …

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    Mapping out our adventure


    Bev here – not really sure why Damon called this “Bev Takes Damon Away.” It was a consented trip. We just wanted to go away. It was a lot of fun to show people that we have become friends and are getting along well. Take a look at our trip …

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    Listening and Reflecting: DS106 Radio Show


    Listening to other people’s radio shows was really interesting. I always love live tweeting, but it was difficult on a Thursday night because I commute from DC and I ended up getting stuck in traffic and having to commute. Getting started was fun:

    So excited to live tweet #ds106 radio …

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    Bali Adventure with Damon


    Bev here. After the radio show, Damon and I made up and talked things out. We decided to go on a trip in order to work things out. He just wanted to get up and leave right away, but I was like woah woah woah Damon, slow it down. So …

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    Chatty Cathy


    This week I really got to chat it up with the ds106 community (mostly because it was required – just being honest) So, I have a debate tournament so I wanted to get all my work done before Friday. Unfortunately, most DS106 students haven’t finished a lot of their projects …

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    Laptops, city love and design all in one.



    So, as everyone knows  – my blog/ds106 experience is pretty much all politically centered/about hating my commute to DC. One of the things I don’t get to talk about enough/dwell on is that DC is absolutely beautiful. Morning, night, afternoon, rain or shine. I am in love with the …

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    I’m almost a grown up


    UGH. UGH. UGH. The other day, my boss asked me to go to a networking event for “DC political young professionals” so I could “make some connections before graduation” and I just cringed. I don’t like hearing that word anymore. He also mentioned that I should make business cards. I …

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    Washington DC: Only the Tourists Drive



















    How DC traffic makes me feel.

    I found this assignment to be enjoyable. I have this special place in my heart for the tourists that drive into DC to see the monuments. DO …

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    Caribucks Coffee





    As I sat around this weekend trying to figure out how to do this logo merge assignment (4 1/2 stars), I stared at my cup of starbucks coffee and I remembered talking to my sister earlier in the weekend about how Central Park used to have a …

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    Design Blitz – Summary Post


    This week, I spent most of my time in the debate office (the creative writing mansion, basically). We are getting ready for our biggest tournament of the year. After reading through some of the posts on design I started to notice a lot of things about things around the squad …

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