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    Hope everyone is staying safe and social distancing. Wanted to share my website http://michelleybelly.com where I’ll be posting photography, personal thoughts, favorite things, fashion Inspo, etc ! Hope you take a look and enjoy!


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    UGHHHH, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. With everything going on, it has taken a toll on everyone I believe. Staying at home is the best way to stay safe and for this virus to stop spreading around. With social media and the news it has been driving me …

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    Are Memes Art?


    I personally believe memes are art. It’s a way of expressing yourself through creative pictures. Meme’s can be different and everyone has a way of using them. You can use meme’s in your daily life in a form of communicating with others.  Here are a few of my favorite memes:…

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    Walking into CT 101.

    Impressed that York  has iMacs.

    When you read the syllabus and you see there’s no exams.


    When our first assignment was to create a blog of things that make us happy!


    Me enjoying this CT 101 for the rest of the semester.


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    Assignment 1- Happy

    Superbowl Halftime Show This year in the Superbowl, I was proud to see that the NFL decided to be diverse and have perform four of Latin American talented artists. Jennifer lopez, Shakira, Jbalvin, and last but not least Bad bunny. Being Colombian and seeing two major Colombian artist perform in…

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