1. mboleis

    How Many Times Can You Say Tecolotito in a Row?


    NSNP has been crazy busy this week.

    On Wednesday, we travelled to Harrison, Idaho in order to clean up a mess that was left by an anonymous caller. We packed up the van, and road tripped out there. What we saw when we got there? Well. A lot of blood. …

  2. mboleis

    Blood Stains Extra, No Questions Asked


    Happy Easter, or whatever you celebrate. Stella and I have been in the CC since 9:00 am because well we don’t really celebrate Easter. But here is a bunny.

    Empty convergence center….how am I supposed to eaves drop and ruin people's lives if no one is around #noir106 #ds106

    — …

  3. mboleis

    NNTF beocmes NSNP


    Well. I already posted all this stuff about our agency, but I haven’t even told you guys what that agency is. My bad. Anyway. Stella, Mick, Billy, Jack and I have created the agency: No Stain, No Problem. Basically, in Lehman’s terms, we’re a cleaning agency. We clean up any …

  4. mboleis

    Bloody Hell


    Well. Our agency’s website obviously needed a banner, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an assignment in the assignment bank entitled Website Banner. This was worth 4 stars. I didn’t really think it was that hard though. I tried to add some extra effects to make the 4 …

  5. mboleis

    Groom Saves the Day


    Today’s daily create was stupid. I had to photoshop a puppet out of a dumpster. I am starting to wonder if this is even a real class. I think Stella’s bitterness may be rubbing off on me. But oh well. I decided to use this Groom character in my masterpiece, …

  6. mboleis

    Vacuum Cleaners SUCK


    Well. For this new agency, I decided I needed a business card. I’m a VIP and obviously need something that says so. Not only am I the Stain Queen, I am also the Manager of this place. Get on my level. No Stain, No Problem is ready for YOUR mess! …

  7. mboleis

    Gonna Drink Bacardi While Feelin’ 22.


    Today’s Daily Create was to make Black a birthday card. Now. Birthdays just mean you are another older…and another year closer to “having more responsibilities.” Who really has time for that? No one.

    So here you go black. Hope you’re blasting T-Swizzle all day, and enjoying being old.

  8. mboleis

    Mia is M.I.A. and I’m Tied Down Now?


    I WANT MIA BACK. Seriously. How the hell does she do all of this? And why the hell did I get dragged into this shit DURING THE HARDEST WEEK? Seriously. I’ve never been more stressed out over anything…and this isn’t even my job. LABOR WAS BETTER THAN THIS. Ok. Whatever. …

  9. mboleis

    Bitches Love Compliments


    I really don’t know most of you people… and you people don’t know me, but this Groom character informed me that I had to comment on 10 posts…. 10? ugh. How does Mia do all of this work? Here. I hope you feel good about yourselves.


    Bae’s Group Jewel’s
  10. mboleis

    How Am I Not Sick of You People Yet?


    You know, ever since the recording of NNTF…we have seem to become a dysfunctional family of murderers, baby daddies, alcoholics, thirsty bitches, and nosy brats. Stella continues to invite us onto NNTF, knowing secrets will come out. Jack keeps showing up, even though he is irrelevant to anything. Billy and …

  11. mboleis



    On Tuesday, Stella, Mick, Jack, me….and Billy met to begin discussing our reunion show.  It was a shit show. we’re so comfortable with each other that we were writing some CRAZY THINGS that the professors would probably admit us to a psych ward or something if they knew. Thank god …

  12. mboleis

    I’m Out Like A Boner in Sweatpants


    This week was so awful that I’m glad it’s OVER

    I couldn’t even tell you why it was awful. Which sucks. BUT WHATEVER.

    But it was, and next week is going to be so stressful because Mr. UMW is on Wednesday and IT IS MY FAVORITE EVENT but it is …

  13. mboleis

    I Hate Anal….yzing Things


    Well. This assignment kinda sucked. But hey, sometimes we have to do things we don’t like or don’t want to. You’re probably wondering what we had to do this week…well we had to watch a movie from a select list, then pick a scene to analyze…but not just analyze it. …

  14. mboleis

    Beause We Need To Know How Thirsty Blair Got After NNTF


    Gues who’s baaaaack?! WE ARE. Noir Not the Father is meeting again to create a video project. We are super excited and it should hopefully live up to our radio show.

    Our plan is to have  NNTF Reunion show, where we bring everyone back and talk about what has happened …

  15. mboleis

    Baby Daddies & Thirsty Blair


    Complete a final reflection post about your radio show, focussing in particular on what it was like to listen to your show live, receive comments/criticism, etc. What would you do differently, if you had a chance? What did you enjoy the most about this project? What was the hardest thing …

  16. mboleis



    This week we only had to do 2 daily creates.

    The first one I did was entitled junk mail, where we had to make art from junk. Here is mine: featuring me not caring about dining next fall.

    The second daily create I did was all about blur. We had …

  17. mboleis

    There Was A Murder in My Bathtub


    LOL jk i just dyed my hair red and it went everywhere.

    Anyway, this week was all about collaborating and inspiring and basically loving your classmates.

    So here is what went on this week.

    Radio Listen In

    I listened in on Wednesday to the maNOIRpulators, Dead Silence, and Steadfast Sleuths. …

  18. mboleis

    A Wedding Because They Cantaloupe


    So. Collaboration Week Continues.

    Kelsey and I decided to do the design assignment You’re Invited! (worth 3.5 stars). The task: Creating invitations for different events says a lot about what is going to happen. Make an invitation for either any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from …

  19. mboleis

    The Value of Groom to Noir 106


    For my last daily create, I decided to create a Jim Groom Ransom Note. Who do you think is worth more? Groom or Noir Cat?!


    I made this using a generator online. Kelsey made a comment to me that that the government is probably going to come find us …

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