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    QU of the WEEK


    The best group that I have ever been a part of was super forced. We were literally forced to spend hours together, add each other on social media, have a group chat, meet up for lunch or drinks. We HAD to spend so much time together and forced to become …

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    Video Personalities ?! Let me know!!


    I do think that the videos slightly do contradict each other because the first video explains that “desire and focus” is the best tactic to complete creative advertising and design whereas in the second video we are told that being simple and not educated might be the best approach. I …

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    This week though it seemed like a lot of work each assignment didn’t take that much time, just a little thought went behind it. The hardest part was the character assignment, I felt I really struggled with that just because it is so important to the rest of the year. …

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    Lets Talk About ME


    Specifically, I am feeling very full. I just got back from a fabulous dinner at Logan’s and it was great quality food. I wish that I hadn’t gone out to eat however, and stayed in and studied more for my exam I have tomorrow afternoon. I saved doing my weekly …

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    After exploring Frequency 2156 I found that it was a little creepy, but it did make my mind wander to what these people are really going through, what their surroundings look like. I think audio was chosen as the medium because it does create some eeriness that visuals would not …

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    Understanding AUDIYOOOO


    In Abumrad’s first video I understood everything that he is saying and trying to get across. By audio we are forced to paint our own pictures in our minds of what the story is trying to tell us and it seems too cool to me that not one person’s picture …

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    La Jetee was an interesting watch, all of these clips we watch are. This one was different however from others because it was about time travel. We do not get the prisoners name of who was selected to time travel but we know he was selected because of his connection …

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    Weekly Post


    I think that a GIF cannot really be considered a story. I say this because a story is defined as “an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.” A GIF does not hold enough content to carry out events in a way a story can. Putting …

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    Photo I LOVEEEEE (Star Asgmnt)


    I chose this photo because I love Hanky so much. He is my favorite pet because he is not boring like a cat but not as crazy as a dog. This picture is my favorite because he is just so relaxed and I am so happy hanging out with him!…

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    I love photography, I don’t have an expensive camera, or any extensive knowledge on it but any picture taken has thought and meaning behind it and that is beautiful. I think my love for photography comes from not ever being interesting in reading long books, or watching movies, I found …

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    Crazy Endings


    Back Story: The rocket never takes them to Mars and they remain on Earth.

    October 2026

    9 A.M. The husband, wife and three boys realize they have never left Earth, and their rocket ship had failed them. They return home in hopes of survival, at their return back home they …

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    St(wo)ries Recap


    This week I decided to read There Will Come Soft Rains. To say that I enjoyed it would be a stretch after reading it, rereading it, listening to the audio, and then doing some research on it I finally got the concept of it. This being said, the amount of …

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    For the Zombie Apocalypse, I would choose to have a chainsaw. I picked this because I would be able to chop up zombies all day with this thing. They wouldn’t even come close to me because I would shred them to pieces. This thing would double for its real purpose …

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    All Stars


    Dear Mom,


    Thank you so much for doing all that you do for me. I never feel insecure in any way possible. You always make sure I am taken care of and you stress that school is the most important thing in my life right now and everything else …

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    Letter to a Better Me (Stars)


    Dear Morgan,


    This is 2018 and I am writing a letter to yourself for 10 years down the road. By now I hope you have a family and are trying to adopt a young child in need of a loving family and can better their lives. When you were …

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    End Day Recap


    While watching the End Day I was thoroughly intrigued and drawn into the realities of any of these case scenarios happening. I think the End Day did a good job of depicting all the possibilities of post/ apocalypse of the world happening and how fast this would take place and …

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    Forget or Be Forgotten


    If I had to choose between my loved ones becoming zombies or I myself becoming a zombie I would choose myself solo becoming a zombie. Reason being is I would not want to put that on my loved ones, being a zombie to me does not sound appeasing, or like …

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    Rayla’s Point of No Return


    Rayla and her companions were on the way to investigate a new site for the homestead, she was nervous but confident. It was her first trip away without her big brother watching her back. They were looking and abandoned farm in the mountains that would provide coverage from the Black …

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    Week 1, The Beginning of The End


    This week was quite the adjustment, getting back into the swing of things seems to be harder than ever before it seemed. I am thankful however that I got the opportunity to take this class online, it alleviates so much stress and having the ability to navigate myself through the …

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