1. mburtis (Martha)

    Burtis Files: Week Five


    Below is my video for this week. I entreat everyone to watch and help me to understand the evidence that I unearthed this week.

    I’m also sharing the photos I revealed in the video, in case anyone wants to download them and do any additional analysis.

    First, these two pictures …

  2. mburtis (Martha)

    The Burtis Files: Week Four


    I had to make this video pretty quickly in a secret locations at headquarters. I hope you can hear me okay. I responded to something that was released by one of my co-instructors today, but I also spent some time talking about how to improve your assignments posts, participation points, …

  3. mburtis (Martha)

    After the Killers


    For a long time, years, I didn’t think about it. I moved constantly, counting each year with a new city: Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

    I didn’t even notice that every year I was heading a little bit further east, until one day I was getting on a train in Philly …

  4. mburtis (Martha)

    A Response


    It’s been a troubling 48 hours for me  — thinking through a response to Concerned Student. I made this short video last night, and I hope it allays any concerns. If not, please let me know.…

  5. mburtis (Martha)

    Out of the War and Into Noir


    As Week One of noir106 draws to a close, I wanted to offer some of my own impressions of Noir. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not a Noir expert. I decided to teach this class late last fall, and by then Bond and Groom had already decided to …

  6. mburtis (Martha)

    The Witness


    In the beginning were the howlers. Visitors wore their best clothes and most somber expressions, as if entering a great cathedral. My friend was there. This I find strange. It was the sublimest experience I ever witnessed, and I think the memory of it will remain with me always.

    This …

  7. mburtis (Martha)

    It all started on a Monday. . .


    Today isn’t just any day. It’s a day we may well remember for years, months, or even weeks to come. It’s a day that might someday be called “legendary.”

    Today is the day that we launch the Spring 2015 UMW edition of ds106: noir106. That’s right, my friends, this …

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