1. @mcarney__

    Let’s go to Wyoming!!


    For my final project, I decided to make a video on Wyoming based on my trip two summers ago. For the sake of the length of this video, I wanted to focus solely on the national parks in Wyoming even though we visited parks in Montana and Canada. If you …

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    Weekly Summary #12


    Week 12: 4/9/21 – 4/16/21

    This week was pretty chill compared to other weeks. There weren’t as many assignments. I felt like I was able to get everything done and still felt like I put effort in. The topic for the week was mashup/remix. The hardest part was the Pastolympic …

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    Animoji karaoke


    For my second mashup assignment, I decided to do Animoji Karaoke. I picked to sing along to the song “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler. I had my friend Kate sing with me. I am not really a singer so I wanted to disguise my voice. This assignment was worth 5 …

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    Pink banana?


    For my second remix assignment, I chose to remix the visual assignment “That’s Not What I Expected.” I did this assignment, which you can see here.

    I clicked “Remix It” and it said this:

    I was to take the image and make it pink!

    My image:

    Now in PINK:…

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    No need to wash your hands!


    This week, we were to do 2 remix assignments. We were to find an assignment we already created, and then press the remix button. I decided for my first to do the remix generator on “Event poster” where I made a fake poster on how to make Tik Tok Pasta …

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    If we were emojis


    Hey there! For my first mashup assignment, I decided to do Mashing Friends and Emojis which is worth 4 stars.

    I started off by texting some of my friends to see if they’d be interested in doing the assignment. They were to choose an emoji and recreate it. Then I …

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    Weekly Summary #11


    Weekly Summary: 4/2-21 – 4/9/21

    Week 11 consisted of completing 10 more stars of video assignments, three daily creates, a post about our ideas for the final project, and commenting on people’s pages and voting for best work of the week. This week was pretty straightforward which I liked. I …

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    Final project ideas


    I think it would be really cool if we could make some kind of collage of everyone’s favorite work they’ve done throughout the semester. Maybe it’s a video someone made, or a soundtrack, or a design. If everyone could pick one piece of work they are proud of and then …

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    Q&A – get to know me


    Hey there. For my third video assignment, I did the assignment called “Get to know me.” This was worth 3 stars. I did a total of 10 stars total for this week. I had my friend Kate ask me some questions about myself. Some are pretty funny… oh and also …

  10. @mcarney__

    To Joseph…


    Hey everyone! For my second video assignment, I decided to do the one called “Observe something grow.” This is worth 3 stars. I thought it would be cool to show my brother and I growing up. When I was about to turn 10, I found out he was going to …

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    Taco Quesadilla


    Hey everyone! Cooking is something I really enjoy, so I decided to make a tutorial on how to make a taco quesadilla. I think this video assignment should be worth 4 stars based on the effort I put into it.

    I took these segments back in January when I was …

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    Weekly Summary #10


    Week 10 Summary: 3/26/21 – 4/2/21

    This week focused on video! It was one of my favorites because I felt like this was a way for me to explore my creative side.

    This week was not super heavy. We were to complete at least 10 stars worth of video assignments …

  13. @mcarney__

    Point of View


    For my video assignment #3, I was to create a video from a certain point of view. I decided to go on a walk and record the point of view of looking down. I decided to speed it up to make it less boring. This assignment was worth 5 stars. …

  14. @mcarney__

    Stop Motion Video


    For my video assignment #2, I created a stop motion video!

    This assignment was worth 3 stars.

    Give it a watch

    I was honestly really nervous on how I were to make this. I knew I wanted to try it out so I started looking really early in the week …

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    Hey everyone! I chose to do a video assignment where I vlogged a day in my life! This was honestly really fun to make. I felt like a youtuber. Give it a watch

    This video assignment was worth 3 stars.

    This was my first time ever vlogging, and also first …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    Week 9: 3/19/21 – 3/26/21

    This week was light, mainly because we all finished our radio shows! We had the opportunity to listen to the shows on the ds106 radio. Our show, Walking Memory Ave aired Wednesday night. Not only was it fun to listen to our radio show that …

  17. @mcarney__

    Radio Show Reflection


    This week I listened to ds106 radio and got the opportunity to hear radio shows that my classmates did. I listened to Walking Memory Ave (my group) and also one called Messy March. I thought Messy March was going to be about how messy March 2020 was with COVID, but …

  18. @mcarney__

    My thoughts on ideas for story concepts


    We have passed the half way mark for the semester. We are almost on week 10. So far in this class, we have created work on audio, photography, writing, design, and done our radio show project. The theme for this class is “What (y)our story?” and I am glad I …

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    Weekly Summary #8


    Weekly Summary #8: Radio Show!

    This week in Digital Storytelling, my group completed our radio show called “Walking Memory Ave.” Audra, Ariel, Morgan, Conner and I worked really hard on this and we talked about our childhood memories and how they tie into our college experiences. We all had different …

  20. @mcarney__

    Radio Show Progress


    Today, our group finished our radio show! Our group consisted of me, Audra, Ariel, Conner and Morgan. We named it “Walking Memory Ave” and it consisted of us each talking about our childhood and college experiences. We met on Monday and planned for how we wanted the structure of the …

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    Weekly Summary #7


    Weekly Summary #7: 3/5/21 – 3/12/21

    This week in Digital StoryTelling we created radio show groups. I am in a group with Ariel, Morgan, Conner and Audra. This week we met to talk about our radio show. We are going to be talking about our childhood memories as well as …

  22. @mcarney__

    Childhood —> Now


    Our radio show topic is related to childhood memories and college experiences. Our group does not have a radio show name idea, but everyone was to create a Then-Now-Together….and here is mine below!

    The plan: once everyone is finished creating their “box,” we are going to put all five …

  23. @mcarney__

    What we’ve done so far…


    This week we began forming our radio show groups! This week and next week we are to work on creating a radio show with classmates on any topic. I am in a group with Conner, Ariel, Audra and Morgan. We met over Zoom on Wednesday to talk about what we …

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    Fear of Peanut Butter?


    Did you know there is such thing as a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth?

    For my audio assignment #2, I created a radio bumper that may go into our radio show next week! I decided to tell four did you know facts that I …

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    For my audio assignment #1, I decided to create a commercial for Webkinz since our radio show group is talking about childhood memories! I looked up the Webkinz commercial and wrote down the transcript and then used Audacity to record me saying the lines and then I added some background …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    Weekly Summary #6: 2/26/21 – 3/5/21

    Yay it’s Friday!! I hope there comes a week where I am not writing my weekly summary on a Friday afternoon lol.

    The theme this week in Digital Storytelling was design! When I read that this was the theme for the week, I felt …

  27. @mcarney__

    Fredericksburg is the worst…


    For my fourth design assignment, I decided to the do the “Contradiction Creation” where I choose an image and write text over it that contradicts the photo. I chose a picture at City Docks in Fredericksburg and wrote that Fredericksburg is the worst. The whole point was contradiction!


  28. @mcarney__

    Motivational Poster


    For my third design assignment, I chose to make a motivational poster. This is a photo I took at a sunrise last summer at the beach. I put one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible from Deuteronomy because it is so encouraging to know that God will never leave …

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