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    What do Whistling, Soda, Football, and Robots Have In Common?


    DS106! That’s What!

    This week’s assignments were versatile and exciting. There were 2 readings, 3 Daily Creates, and 8 stars worth of assignments from the Assignment Bank due for the week.

    The first reading was about defining ‘digital’ in the context of digital storytelling. The reading was intriguing and it …

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    An Ear-worm From ’94


    Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – Assignment

    I stumbled upon this audio assignment and I knew exactly what song I would record myself whistling. This particular song is from an animated movie that came out it 1994. This song is extremely catchy, so once I hear it I …

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    I Wouldn’t Drink That Soda


    What A Crappy Font Will Do – Assignment

    When I saw the picture of the eBay logo that accompanied this assignment, I knew I had to give it a try. Even though I instantly recognized that eBay was being represented, I couldn’t help but notice that something about the …

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    Aaron It Out


    This particular assignment caught my eye immediately because I am a HUGE sports fan! The assignment is to make a GIF of the best sports play, in my opinion, from the past year.

    I instantly thought of the NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.…

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    My PC Now Has a Name – Jane


    Shaun Nichols’ post about Murray Leinster’s short story A Logic Named Joe was extremely eye-opening. I cannot fathom how accurate Leinster’s 70 year old predictions were about computers and their functions in society as they are today. Nichol’s article highlights that the Logic Joe is not evil, but extremely complex …

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    The New Old Fashioned Way


    This reading got me thinking. The concept of new may not actually exist! The storytelling chapter made me realize that the internet, or anything else digital, is just a new way of saying the same old thing. I don’t say this to downplay the importance of anything digital, but just …

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    Week 1 Summary


    This first week in DS106 has been exciting! I am looking forward to the rest of the semester. The activities this week were a mixture of preliminary setups and reading and commenting on articles related to our course.

    I enjoyed creating new accounts for Flickr and Soundcloud because I liked …

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    The Internet


    In response to How To Break Open The Web, I am officially mind-blown. I never even considered the internet in the ways that the authors describe. Understanding that the internet was developed with key ‘rights’ allowed me to realize that those rights have been modified.  I was very intrigued …

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