1. mdunlap

    Best movie of the year.


    Here is my attempt at creating a web story. I am not very creative, so I decided to use IMDB to edit a movie review. I choose the movie Hot Fuzz which I have seen a few times and is very funny. I did not edit pictures because I was …

  2. mdunlap

    delicious posts


    So firefox kept bugging me to update to firefox 4.0, so finally I gave in. Now I no longer am able to use the delicious add on and I can not use all of the video add on. Anyone else having this problem. I guess I will have to figure …

  3. mdunlap

    Awkward Moments


    This was the title of our radio show. While putting together this show, I quickly realized that I have no idea how to work with audacity. Since I was recording stories from my friends in a game chat room, some how the settings on my laptops built in mic got …

  4. mdunlap



    Over the past weekend I tuned into ds106 radio to listen to two 30 minute segments. The first show I listened to was about a girl who kept dreaming about herself and some strange mystical creature. I personally thought this sounded like a segment from a movie, but could not …

  5. mdunlap

    Amazing Album


    For my visual assignment I choose to do an album cover. I used picnic to crop and change the photo a bit. Unfortunately I don’t have any premium access or photo-shop so I could not do much with the photo. I tried to add color to the eyes and lips, …

  6. mdunlap

    On This Day


    google history

    I choose to do a design assignment for this week and picked “On this Day”. For this assignment you search “On this day in history” and inserted your birthday. I was actually surprised because I did not get a whole lot of information. The BBC website (http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/may/28/newsid_3725000/3725961.stm) actually …

  7. mdunlap

    Final project


    This is my first post on the final project and I can honestly say I have no idea what I am going to do. I like taking photos so I guess I will incorporate some pictures. Wish I had photo-shop, it would make life a lot easier. I was hoping …

  8. mdunlap

    First Day


    For our assignment I listened to First Day. This story was mainly about the first day something occurred.  Examples given were first day on the job or first day going to a new school. I really enjoyed listening to the stories. I did notice the use of breaks between speaking …

  9. mdunlap

    Radio reading


    After reading Radio: an Illustrated Guide, I was a little disappointed. I thought the information presented was a little choppy and I did not quite understand the comics. I know visuals normally make reading more interesting but I found it rather distracting. I was hoping the comics would present the …

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