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    Final Project


    I created a map for my final project. It showcases eight places where my character stayed throughout his life along with one connecting line.

    Each stop and the connecting line has a haiku associated with it. These haikus elaborate a little more about actions my character took at that point. …

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    Thoughts for a Future ds106er


    What a busy semester it’s been. In between regular classes I’ve been working on ds106. And I learned quite a lot. One thing I learned is: don’t underestimate all level one hundred classes.

    Most level one hundred classes I’ve taken have been screw around classes, meaning I didn’t try and …

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    The three and a half star assignment Personal Search Engine wasn’t too hard to complete.

    I used X-Ray Goggles to alter a preexisting search engine.


    The google search page was edited to resemble my product seen above.

    I played with the page until it was pretty bare, and I …

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    How the Andes Began


    I’m applying the four and a half star assignment How It All Began to this webpage. It directs us to detail the conglomeration of a group.

    I’ve chosen to describe how the Andean Volcanic Belt, which is composed of the Northern Volcanic Zone, Central Volcanic Zone, and Southern Volcanic Zone, …

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    Sister Wives Strive to Survive


    I completed the assignment Storytelling Within the Web.

    I altered a story on the web using X-Ray googles. The article was about the Sister Wives’ attempt to challenge Utah’s polygamy ban.

    Here is my link to the original story: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/04/11/appeals-court-rejects-sister-wives-polygamy-lawsuit/82904702/

    Here is what I’ve created: https://thimbleprojects.org/manzelmo/53386/


    The most …

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    Rounding Up Week 12


    This week we were asked to create a tutorial for one of our assignments. I chose to create one for the assignment ‘This Doesn’t Belong Here’:

    ET Doesn’t Belong Here

    Afterwards, I created 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. These included favorite movies, movie scenes, and gas station products.


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    Pretty Unexpected


    I completed the assignment That’s Not What I Expected remixed pretty in pink. The original assignment directs us to take a close up picture of something. The remixed version asks us to make the something pink. Both assignments want the reader to guess what object the close up is.

    For …

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    Rocky Raging Bull


    The four and a half star assignment Movie Mashup was completed using the two movies Raging Bull and Rocky. The assignment directs us to create a movie poster utilizing the elements of two movies. I used both of the movies’ main characters.

    Rocky and Raging Bull are both boxing movies …

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    The three star assignment Consumer Mashup directed us to mashup up two different corporate logos.

    I frequent WaWa where I buy Powerade. To I decided to mashup their logos.

    I obtained both company logos and misplaced the ‘wer’ in PowerAde with one of the ‘wa’s in WaWa. It was the …

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    Week Eleven Summary


    Week eleven is finished. This week I chose to complete my individual assignments.

    I completed 17.5 stars worth of assignments; 14 of which were related to my character.

    The 14 related to my character were:

    a morse code challenge,

    Morse Challenge

    an american sign language challenge,

    Signing Names

    and a …

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    Character Documentary


    I completed the four and a half star Mini Documentary.

    I applied this assignment to my character, creating a mini synopsis of the first third of his life.

    I utilized Audacity and iMovie to create this movie.

    With Audacity I recorded my dialogue and applied a song in the …

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    Book Name


    I completed the three and a half star assignment Name That Book.

    I used the app vine to create a short video. In the video are hand drawn symbols representing a certain book. I was trying to think of how to represent a book using inanimate objects laying around …

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    Signing Names


    I completed the four and a half star assignment Signing Words.

    Using my iPhone I filmed my hand using american sign language to spell out some words. I chose to spell out the name of my character.

    Admittedly, the only language I’ve expressed using a single hand has been …

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    Week Ten Summary


    This week I completed three assignments, totaling 11 stars along with the mandatory assignment. But before this I reflected on a movie scene picked from Django Unchained. While working through the assignments this week, I tried to keep in mind the angles of my shots and my position within the …

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    Won’t You Be My Neighbor


    I completed the two and a half star assignment Exercise and Socialize.

    I walk my dog daily in the neighborhood, so choosing this assignment made sense. Using my iPhone and a friend, I recorded myself walking through my neighborhood:

    To complete this video I chose the Mr. Roger’s neighborhood …

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    Reflection Unchained


    We were directed to review a video this week for the Video Essay assignment.

    I chose to review the opening scene from Django Unchained. I chose to watch this movie as opposed to another movie simply due to its accessibility on Netflix.

    It begins in the middle of nowhere featuring …

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    Walking Boots


    I completed the four star assignment Moving Object.

    The goal is to make a moving object using vine.

    I chose to make a stop motion video using my boots:

    Using the app Vine on my iPhone, I created the video seen above. The app vine gives us the option …

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    Origami Cowboy Hat


    I completed the four and a half star assignment origami.

    While it directed us to create origami for halloween, I chose to create origami for my character instead. I haven’t created origami art for a while and figured it’d be some fun.

    I used this site to teach myself …

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