1. micvee

    everywhere and nowhere


    TDC 611: Create an interesting high contrast black and white image of an easily overlooked object.

    In my mind’s eye, I see the skein of string on the nightstand just as well as I can see it stuffed into a boot on the porch. I can conjure up a vision …

  2. micvee

    State of mind: 600


    Yesterday’s daily create for ds106: Celebrate the 600th Daily Create! Express 600 in a drawing without using numbers.
    Ran out of time and energy yesterday. Scribbled it out this a.m. It is not so much a narrative but a story of a state of being, such that it is.


  3. micvee

    twitter happy, google glad


    My first daily create in DS106! The call out was “Make an impression: take a picture of an indentation“

    Artie built this old greenhouse over the underground house, for one, to stop a leak. It appears that it is being digested by fig and wisteria. It is, slowly, collapsing …

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