1. mikeneary

    No state, no nation : a co-operative federation



    The Student as Producer book I am writing ends with a discussion of the co-operative university and the revolutionary teaching out of which it is derived, not as a new type of independent institution but as a form of political settlement.

    The theory and practice of creating a co-operative …

  2. mikeneary

    Reading Ranciere Symptomatically


    Jacques Ranciere might be the epitome of a revolutionary teacher. The book I am writing, Student as Producer: how do revolutionary teachers teach? provides a symptomatic reading of some of Ranciere’s major works to reveal the nature of Ranciere’s revolutionary appeal. A symptomatic reading is a type of revolutionary science, …

  3. mikeneary

    Walter Benjamin – modernist, messianic, Marxist and magical


    Walter Benjamin (1892 – 1940) is a central presence in the forthcoming book, Student as Producer: how do revolutionary teachers teach? Benjamin was a German political philosopher and cultural theorist with a compendium of interests, including art, architecture, literature, philosophy, history and education. He was part of a group known …

  4. mikeneary

    Stammering is Dada


    I was asked to contribute to a forthcoming publication called ‘Dangerous Words’. The purpose of the book is to uncover the ways in which language works as a form of repression but retains the capacity for critical liberation. I chose to write about the word ‘stammer’. Below is a first …

  5. mikeneary

    John Holloway: Reading Capital


    John Holloway will be  presenting his latest work ‘Reading Capital: wealth in-against-and-beyond value’ at the University of Lincoln, England, on 16th of June, 1 – 4pm in Room MB1012.

    John’s reading and writings on Marxist social theory are highly influential as a way of rethinking Marx in terms of ‘Change

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