1. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/31/15


    Happy Halloween!!

    #tdc1392: You decide!

    This daily create was a “you decide”! Someone tweeted a daily create for everyone to do and it ended up being one where you had to add something to a picture of yourself and describe what superpower you now have. Mine is the power of …

  2. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #10


    For this week, we were to analyze video and movies. This is so interesting to me because I really do like watching clips and videos online. We also have done pictures and images, and then audio. Now, we are putting it together with film! First, I read and reflected on …

  3. mirandaskin

    Character Description: Gru


    Character Description: Create a short about a minute thirty to two minute video describing a character. Use about 3-5 short clips that describe the characters personality, that portrays what they will be like in the story. Basically you are just taking a closer look at a character before you …

  4. mirandaskin

    Look, Listen, Analyze: Anchorman


    I viewed the Anchorman clip.

    Camera: The first shot is of the main character with a close up view on his face. The next scene is of the anchorman battle. The camera cuts to about 15 different shots, same lighting throughout, the acts are in the foreground. The camera cuts…
  5. mirandaskin

    Reflection on Reading Movies


    I read the journal, “How to read a movie” by Roger Ebert and his methods on how he watches movies and then reads them. He explains in his journal that he was suggested to pause his movies at certain places to review them and study them. I thought that …

  6. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #9


    Radio Show Reviews: This week, we had to review our own Radio Show and another show as well. This was interesting because I compared and also contrasted what our groups did differently. I tried my best to be fair and hopefully I offered some good tips. I was happy to …

  7. mirandaskin

    The Verge Show Review


    Next, I am going to be reviewing my own show, “The Verge”. We discussed many different topics in science.

    Audio Quality/Editing: I think the audio was at a good level! For the concussions in the NFL show, the audio was a little bit low. Other than that, it was constantly …

  8. mirandaskin

    Wacky History Show Review


    I am reviewing the radio show “Wacky History“. Their radio show discussed the wacky history of different things!

    In regards to audio quality and editing, there were long pauses in between some of the individual’s shows. At first, I thought it was about to change to another person’s …

  9. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/22/15


    #tdc1383: Is a happy place always happy?

    This daily create asked us a question that most people probably wonder about their favorite place.

    My favorite place has to be the beach. All is calm and happy, and I love spending time at the beach and near the ocean. And being …

  10. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/21/15


    For the day’s daily create, we were to have a photo that represents nature stick people. I thought this image was really cool because of all the branches. The branches can mean anything, like trees give off so much for life, or our hands are open to all.

    #tdc1382: Make …

  11. mirandaskin

    Radio Show: Experimentation


    Now, for the commercial, we needed to make a longer segment that contained an attention-drawing audio for our listeners. I wanted to relate it to the show’s science theme, so I decided to have present science experiments for the audience to come try.

    I used Freesound.org for some sound effects …

  12. mirandaskin

    Radio Show Bumper: Science is Cool


    For these 2 weeks, we are making a radio show within our groups. In my group, we created a Radio Show on all things about science. We needed to make our own bumper and commercial for these shows.

    So, a bumper is a small blurb that reminds the listeners what …

  13. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/15/15


    For today’s daily create, we had to describe our luckiest days!! I am very very lucky where I am, but I do wish I was on the beach with not a care in the world.

    #tdc1376: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

    @ds106dc #tdc1376 On my luckiest day, I would be living on …

  14. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/14/15


    For today’s daily create, we needed to make a video that portrays our bad habit in a good light!

    My bad habit is biting my nails. So, in order to make this into something positive, I quickly reached for my clippers, which I rarely use! Biting your nails = not …

  15. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/7/2015


    For the daily create, we had to create a short story from a question: What would have happened if she had not lost the necklace? Who knows?

    I thought of Gossip Girl and the story that is behind that. I went from there!

    #tdc1368: What I would have done if …

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