1. mirandaskin

    Design Blitzin’


    I went on another photo taking spree! This time, I was recognizing a few of the many design elements that there are. I found some really cool designs around my house that I actually have not noticed before. This definitely changed my perspective of patterns and words that are …

  2. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/2/15


    For this daily create we needed to take a photo outside our window. This wasn’t fun since we’ve been having lots of rain, so outside my window wasn’t very pretty. I actually was surprised at how clear this photo was since it was shot through a window!

    #tdc1363: What can …

  3. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/1/15


    It’s October! For today’s daily, we had to take a picture of something that represents daylight savings time that is soon approaching! I am using a gorgeous photo of UMW fall that represents us (minus Arizona) getting ready to turn our clocks back.

    #tdc1362: Daylight Savings Time

    @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1362

  4. mirandaskin

    The Vignelli Canon


    In Vignelli’s booklet, he describes in detail about design and what it means to “design”. He talks about different design elements ranging from grids and rulers to color and texture. His training helps you take an advanced look into the world of design, but he proposes three important aspects …

  5. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/28/15


    For this daily create, we needed to combine 2 logos. I love Mexican food, and so choosing between Qdoba and Chipotle is always a hard decision for me. I just inserted the Chipotle logo underneath the Qdoba logo, and cut out the part that said “Mexican Grill”.

    #tdc1359: Combine your …

  6. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #5

    My radio show name: 99.3 The Verge Give at least 2 blog comments to each person in your group. Comment on at least three people blog post this week.

    1. Photo Blitzes that I saw were really interesting this week. I thought that they seemed to be a very spontaneous …

  7. mirandaskin

    Photography Tips 101


    I learned some tips for my week through duChemin’s photography book.

    Look to the Light: I used this in my Photo Blitz. (#3) It was an open window, and the lighting from the window is the only think that is coming through. I liked this photo because not only…
  8. mirandaskin

    Photo Blitz!


    I decided to use my apartment as my space. I did this because I thought I would find normal things to interpret and use them in the blitz. I liked this experience, it was easy and fun! I just ran around my apartment trying to create images with this …

  9. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/27/2015


    For this daily create, we had to create our own road sign!


    #tdc1358: Design your own road sign.



    Of course, me being an ice-cream lover, I decided to create one about an ice cream truck. I decided to make my sign from a real Traffic Signs site. …

  10. mirandaskin

    Visual Assignment: Apophenia


    Apophenia: Find something in your house. Take a picture, let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head. (3 stars)

    I looked on my desk immediately, and decided I would use a bottle of nail polish. …

  11. mirandaskin

    Visual Assignment: Me and Bae


    Me and Bae: For this assignment, we were told to choose a picture of a famous couple and crop their faces out. Then, I had to crop the faces of myself and my “bae”, insert these faces into the photo, and add a funny description. (2.5 stars)

    Original photo of …

  12. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/24/15


    Today, we had to add something new into an old picture for our daily create. I was thinking of technology and something that definitely “juxtaposes” the older days. A selfie stick helps people with phones take selfies with only a push of a button on an extended rod.

    I used …

  13. mirandaskin

    Visual Assignment: Splash the Color


    For this visual assignment, our task is to remove color from a photo, and then restore color to something in the photo.

    I took this photo over the summer, where there were only dead grass and weeds around. Then, I came across these small daisies. It was so random to …

  14. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #4


    Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos. Audio is another great form of storytelling that creates a lot of imagery in your mind in a different way. I really enjoyed learning about audio and how people use it to engage …

  15. mirandaskin

    Audio Story: So and So’s Greatest Hits


    For this audio story, I chose to do “So and So’s Greatest Hits”. I was supposed to choose my favorite band, artist or musician, and then choose 5 of their greatest hit songs. With this, we are then supposed to create an audio track with a mash-up of these songs! …

  16. mirandaskin

    Audio Story: Emotions Through Sound


    So for my next audio challenge, I decided to choose one with cool sounds and combine them all to make an entire track. I really enjoyed this one because it sounded so great at the end!

    I did the “Emotions Through Sound” Assignment where I needed to convey a certain …

  17. mirandaskin

    Audio Story: Real Housewives Tagline


    For this assignment, I had to create an audio tagline that represented me if I were on Real Housewives.

    This was my first ever audio assignment, and I was learning how to use Audacity. I first recorded myself, then I had to export it to SoundCloud. It was pretty easy. …

  18. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/17/15


    For this daily create, we had to doodle our own picture onto a woman. Using Sketchbook, I gave her a pretty dress, and she accidentally dropped her purse. But not to worry, she’s picking it up.

    #tdc1348: Dumb doodle pad Art

    @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1348 Doodling a woman picking up her …

  19. mirandaskin

    Listening to Stories


    I listened to the “Ghost Stories” on RadioLab. The stories that I listened to were so interesting and drew my attention, which I didn’t expect from audio. I did not only use my ears during the audio stories, I used my imagination. The multiple audio effects, noises, and voices all …

  20. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/16/15


    For this daily create, I had to make a photo look super old. I used this by finding a photo that I thought would be a photo in the olden days. I found a picture of my best friend and I walking away from the camera in the woods. It’s …

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