1. mitchellwoll

    Week 8 Reflection: Final Reflection

    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

    The Digital Storytelling course was different than all of my other graduate courses because it was not hosted within an LMS. Instead, the course was “hosted” on social media, specifically Twitter. Assignment submissions and student interactions were manifested the …

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    Week 6 Reflection: More Aware of Connections


    Most of the time I rely on past experiences that run parallel or analogous to my current learning in order fit the new knowledge within my schema. This is the case with all learners, but I am beginning to witness the connecting and blending more often in my learning style. …

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    ds106 Visual Assignment: Tied Down


    Tied Down

    ds106 Visual Assignment:
    Adapt a Artist’s Work

    “Tied Down” describes how the internet can be a distraction from our goals. The message of the image may not completely align with the content we are covering in Digital Storytelling, after all, we did just read a chapter about how …

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    Digital Critique 9: Honest Trailers – Gone Girl


    *Disclaimer: This digital story and its critique contains spoilers for the film Gone Girl.

    Digital Story:
    Honest Trailers – Gone Girl

    Honest Trailers is a series of YouTube videos that parody movies trailers while critiquing and teasing movies for their plot, acting, special effects, etc. I was hesitant to …

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    Reading Response: Chapter 7 – “Social learning, push and pull, and building platforms for collaborative learning” / War of Art, Pages 149 – 165


    In Chapter 7, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knoble describe how the internet can be utilized as a platform to establish social learning. So far this semester we have discussed literacy, Discourse, social practices, remixes, and collaborative literature. To me, social learning really culminates many of these ideas together.

    Although the …

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    Week 5 Reflection: A Rough One


    This week seemed more difficult than previous ones to find the kind of mojo to complete assignments. Even now as I write this, I struggle to find concise thoughts and the words to explain them.

    I think the biggest struggle was when the book I’m using as the linchpin to …

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    Reading Response: Chapter 5 – “Blogs and wikis – Participatory and collaborative literacy practices” / The Ethos of the Internet and a Culture of Innovation


    In Chapter 5, Colin Lanskear and Michele Knoble examine collaborative online literature, highlighting mainly blogs and wikis. Their dissection of the Blogging Project Runway blog reminded me of some of the blogs I currently follow, and some others I used to follow. These blogs are as formal as economist and …

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    The Daily Create No. 8: “Starbucks”

    Daily Create Assignment: Draw on a napkin

    My girlfriend loves Starbucks coffee, and once was nicknamed “Starbucks” for being “tall and hot.” Today’s assignment asked that we write on a napkin and give it to someone we love. After coincidentally just visiting a Starbucks with my girlfriend, I figured …

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    Reading Response: Chapter 4 – “”New literacies and social practices of digital remixing” / War of Art, Pages 87 – 118


    In Chapter 4, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knoble describe what remixes are in these new digital literacies, as well as, what a “remix” actually is. According to Lankshear and Knoble, every artifact is a form of remix. They write “’remixing’ involves taking cultural artifacts and combining them and manipulating them …

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    The Daily Create No. 6: “Recycle”



    Daily Create Assignment:
    Recycle selfie

    The instructions for this daily create were simple, “Take a picture of yourself recycling something.” For “Recycle” I decided to stack a bunch of recycled materials in a recycling bin, so while I carried it, the amount would cover my face. I thought this …

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    Week 3 Reflection: Sighs of Relief


    This week felt like a month. I started my new job, and on top of that, I needed to keep up with class’ double-time pace. Luckily, I had the foresight last week to begin my video assignment early, and have it completed by the start of this week. Nevertheless, it …

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    Digital Story Critique 6: This Land is Mine


    Digital Story:
    This Land is Mine

    “This Land is Mine” is an approximately three and a half minute YouTube animation that summarizes the history of the region currently known as Israel. This region has been highly disputed and fought for throughout history as this video shows. I take some …

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    The Daily Create No. 5: “Banana$”



    The Daily Create Assignment:
    Make a trailer of your life if working for money was now a thing of the past.

    This movie trailer was inspired by how yesterday morning I brought a banana to work as a snack. Thinking quickly as to how I could create a movie …

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    Digital Story Critique 5: The Object – Short Story


    Digital Story:
    The Object | Short Story

    My last four digital story critiques evaluated non-fiction (mostly journalistic) works. I decided this week I would try something fictional. I found this video “The Object” accidentally by perusing through Reddit. The video “The Object” is a hand-drawn slideshow depicting a story …

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