1. @mjryanonline

    Advice for future students


    Hello fellow student, I am here to give you some advice for your ds106 course that you have enrolled in. First I would like to say that this course is super fun, but you only get out of it what you put in. If you love being creative, artistic, and …

  2. @mjryanonline

    Final Mission Weekly Summary


    I knew this week was going to be a rough one for me due to finals and wrapping up the semester so I decided to get a jump on this weeks work ASAP. I really had fun with this project, and the freedom of it made it one of the …

  3. @mjryanonline

    Final Mission Completed


    This is an official brief from your superiors on the actions comprised in the last week revolving around the top secret mission that our agency was involved in. Although our mission has been completed we are still tying up loose ends and therefore this is still to be classified as …

  4. @mjryanonline

    The Mission. TOP SECRET.


    Fellow Agents,

    The time has arrived. We have been hearing rumors of the events comprised in this letter for months, so those in charge have deemed it time to brief you on the current situation. As you may be aware, we have sufficient information proving a collusion between Canada and …

  5. @mjryanonline

    Weekly Summary


    I really liked the materiel and assignments that we were required to accomplish for this week. I think I spent way too much time looking through everyone’s assignments and trying to figure out which one to do my tutorial on, but in the end I think I picked a good …

  6. @mjryanonline



    So for this tutorial we are going to be looking at  “Hunters: The Space Cowboys Of Destiny” and how we can better mold it to fit the desires of the class as a whole. As a video game nerd when I first saw this post I was happy and excited …

  7. @mjryanonline

    Holiday Mashup


    When I read this title something immediately came to my mind that I thought fit this perfectly. Now I may not have technically created this myself, but I truly can not think of a better example of a holiday mashup than that of the nightmare before Christmas and jack skellington. …

  8. @mjryanonline

    Photo Mash


    I thought this assignment would be an awesome one to do because there is so much room for creativity and some of the things you come up with can be hilarious. You can basically do whatever you want and the product of it is something awesome, like a spock rock.…

  9. @mjryanonline

    Weekly Summary


    Things are coming to a close in my last semester ever as an undergraduate! Sadly that means I have become increasingly busy but I dont mind because it keeps me on my toes. This weeks video assignments seemed to go a lot better than last weeks especially since I got …

  10. @mjryanonline

    Something that I do every day


    I actually thought this one would be funny to do because no joke 80% of my life is spent doing exactly what you see me doing in the video. I am on my computer so often its not even funny. From playing video games to classwork to paid work you …

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