1. @mjryanonline

    The Vignelli Canon


    I found this literature to be incredibly interesting, although I will admit that some of its features and ideas were lost on me. Design is something that I have never been able to understand very well, so having to spend a week studying it should be difficult for me but …

  2. @mjryanonline

    Weekly Summary


    I feel like I got so much done this week! It was honestly fun to mess around with the audio side of technology because although I listen to music fairly often I dont normally mix and make mash ups of my own so this was all new to me. Also …

  3. @mjryanonline

    Radio Show


    So I was thinking about this over the course of the week and I thought it would be awesome to do something along the lines of a dialogue based radio show. Not a talk show, but more of a reporting type of thing. The best example I can think of …

  4. @mjryanonline

    Audio Reflection


    This was actually really amazing. I have never listened to or heard of this type of dedicated audio storytelling before without the use of pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great this was. I found it so fascinating how they used the sound effects to sort of …

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