1. @mjryanonline

    Audio Reflection


    This was actually really amazing. I have never listened to or heard of this type of dedicated audio storytelling before without the use of pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great this was. I found it so fascinating how they used the sound effects to sort of …

  2. @mjryanonline

    Weekly Summary


    This week was fun and rewarding for me, but I will say it was pretty difficult. I am not very good at photography and I have relatively little experience on the subject in general so I found myself struggling with some of the assignments for the week. I also came …

  3. @mjryanonline

    Video Still Shots


    After reading through this assignment I must admit that I got a little excited, because spy kids is one of my favorite movies and the excuse to watch it again for another blog post was way too good to pass up. I wanted to make sure that I took my …

  4. @mjryanonline

    Love at first shot


    The cowboy had ridden for miles, and his lover couldnt tell if it was him or his horse who looked more worn out. He had heard from a neighbor that she had ran away from home to find him, and he knew this was his last chance to be with …

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