1. mmiranda

    Have fun…


    The most important thing to remember when taking DS106 is to have fun and that you are never wrong you just make it in a different way. I learn a lot through out this class, I am a very shy person and this class took me out of my comfort …

  2. mmiranda



    I did not remember we have to do it by Friday and for this reason, I will apologize and I will only post one tutorial I need before which is related to a assignment. We needed to explain our mother to use technology I choose it to do a tutorial …

  3. mmiranda

    Assignment creation


    The assignment I created for the FanFic Assigment is to put your host character and one important historical character (of your choice) to meet and to interact to each other. If you can make it fit to a real history event even better have fun…I did this assignment and it …

  4. mmiranda

    Weekly Summary 12


    I do not want to call the bad luck or to say that we are having a very light load and them get hit with a lot of work because it is almost the end of the semester and it is getting crazier. So please if you are the professor …

  5. mmiranda

    Michael bring flowers to Repsag


    This assignment is worth 2 stars and it asked to change a music album cover. For this reason I choose the album cover for Thriller by Michael Jackson and I added a flower bouquet. I did it in paint, nothing too fancy it was simple and easy to add a …

  6. mmiranda

    Vine Remix


    This assignment is worth 3 stars and it asked me to make different videos in vine and put them all together in one video clip. I use my cellphone to do the vine videos and then I went online to get the video download to my computer and them upload …

  7. mmiranda

    Week 11-Summary :)


    This week again it was a mess, but it is almost over a few more weeks to go and then break and to eat my mother home cooking for a couples of days. This week was dedicated to video assignments which means a lot of video were created which was …

  8. mmiranda

    Weekly Showcase- The best of the best


    Melissa have you gone through ds106 blogs this week it was pretty interesting with al this movies.

    Nop I have not have the change to look throught it REpsag.

    Well let me tell you there a quite a few good videos out there but I have to choose some to …

  9. mmiranda



    One of the assignment we have to do which was worth 0 star is to create a mini documentary. Because the professor suggest that we can link it to our host character I decide to conduct an interview with my host character. The lack of people to helps me made …

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