1. mome

    On motion typography

    This is fairly unrelated to anything else, but I usually use YouTube when working on the computer these days. No, not to watch videos (although there is that), but actually to create, add to and listen to music off my YouTube playlist. You should try it sometime, there are even…
  2. mome

    On fans and social media.

    So there’s this group work thing going on and word on the grapevine is that one of the groups is going to present on the connection (importance?) between fans and social media, or more precisely on the importance of fan support for social media.

    Cool? Of course. :P So let’s get …

  3. mome

    Project 1QAD

    Took a shower; had an idea, with inspiration from The Daily Shoot and recent class ponderings about pop culture. Here’s a proposal: Quotes. A word, a sentence; they represent an idea, personify a theme, a memory. In turn, quotes referencing pop culture have the ability to resonate with a…
  4. mome

    Push-button publishing

    Is a dangerous thing. We have the power to broadcast anything and everything to the world at the click of a button, but how much thought goes into something that anyone, anywhere can see and be affected by? How much does that promote a fire-and-forget kind of media culture where…
  5. mome

    On pop culture

    Pop culture. What is it? Well I’m sure it means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but hey the way we’re going with media today we should really expect nothing less. Media; there’s just so much of it, and in so many mediums. So back to…
  6. mome


    So hi. Been a few days. How you doin’? Cool. So hey, see the big blob of black and white squares above? Yea don’t worry, it’s not gonna bite. But here’s an idea: Whip out your handphone, go into the camera settings and try to find something that says “QR…
  7. mome

    On Douglas Engelbart, and "Naturalness"


    So this guy, Douglas Engelbart. Apparently he invented a bunch of stuff that we use in tandem with the computer and Internet today, from the computer mouse (personally I rarely use a mouse these days, opting instead for touchpads and pen tablets but..) to hypertext. Also according to this …

  8. mome

    The Voder

    So just read through one of the links on the class blog, about this early (1939) voice synthesizer called The Voder, which reminds me of Darth Vader but that’s a different story. So anyway it’s a really interesting approach to simulate English speech, especially after living in Japan for…
  9. mome


    Oh hi. I’ve just come out of the shower (and don’t all great things come from the shower? Just look at Psycho): And well yes, what’s my point? Well I was thinking about the whole mechanical versus digital Internet thing and started wondering if AI would have ever been invented…
  10. mome

    As I May Think

    So about this guy, Vannevar Bush. After reading his As We May Think I still think that his ideas of the Internet (or what eventually became what we call the Internet today) are remarkably accurate for his time (1945). On the other hand what wasn’t such an accurate prediction…
  11. mome

    Lost & Found

    So hi. I wanted my first “proper” post on this blog to be something about technology, the Internet, maybe even something about Vannevar Bush and his wacky steampunk ideas of what he conceived the Internet to be (i.e. This is a blog made for a university class). But no. Maybe…

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